Tips to Write a Movie Essay

Movie Essay Movie Essays Can Be Written in Personal and General Perspectives

Watching a movie is definitely a relaxing experience which most school going students would enjoy. But when it comes to writing movie essay, some students may find themselves wondering as to what goes in to this essay type. This will be a common assignment for media students and it is important that students have a sound knowledge on movies to write quality essays. Reading magazines and researching in the internet will help a lot in writing an essay on movie but behind the scene action, the technical aspects of production and cinema photography details etc. has to be researched through other means including field research by the student.

Movie Essay Writing Strategies

Basically students can write this essay in two main ways. Selection of either method should be in accordance to the assignment paper requirements.

Writing on a particular movie

Students can relate and write about the most influencing or interesting movie that they have viewed. This will be an enjoyable method to write this essay and you have your choice in writing about a movie that has influenced you or inspired you. Use descriptive writing to enact the scenes that were most memorable in the film. The most suitable form would be the narrative essay writing style as it allows explaining the movie in an interesting and detailed manner. Student should address the basic elements of a film including the story, dialogues, the cast, acting, sound, editing, movement, and photography. Any awards and accolades received by the movie should also be mentioned in the movie essay.

Writing on Movies in General

Here students can write on movies in general. The essay can provide a chronological time line on the movie industry and address different genres involved. Some movies are classics while others documentaries. Some others target to make commercial movies. Depending on the target audience the movie language will differ and some are subtitled in other languages or dubbed in other languages to cater to dual markets. This type of essays can address the movie industry and its key players as producers, casting agents, actors and actresses, script writers and editors, directors etc. By incorporating information on how films are made and the technologies utilized, students can write an expository essay that tailor their writing to suit the subject for which the assignment is given.

Different Types of Movies

Students have the option of writing a classification essay or an informative essay on different types of movies and discuss their features. Few types are as follows:

Action movie- These movies are made by allocating big budgets. There will many physical aerobatics, stunts and fights. Packed with adrenalin rushing action, many movie goers are fans of this type of movies.
Comedy movie-These movies are targeted to those who appreciate humour, satire and a good laugh from a movie. Jokes, comedy acts and amusing and embarrassing scenes will make up the major part of these movies. Actors and actresses can make use of their facial movements, awkward movements and clumsy behaviors to support the comedy roles.
Horror movie– These films provide horror and scary scenes with unexplained supernatural phenomena as part of the plot in some cases. The music, the acting, the photography etc. are all geared to create suspense and horror invoking fear in the minds of the viewer.
Crime movie- Stories for such movies revolve around crime and crime fighting where heroes and villains clash and create suspense and thrill that attracts many mature audiences.
Animated movie– Computer graphics, creativity and innovation will dominate in these films. While most of us think children and youngsters are the only fans of animated movies, many adults too are still fans of interesting animated movies.
Historical films– These epic films are produced with huge budgets and base their plots and stories on important historic events in history.

Writing a movie essay can be interesting for many students. But if you are loaded with term papers and exams you will find it difficult to submit the essay on the due date. If you find it hard to complete your essay on time, contact and seek help from our expert writers.