Tips on Writing a Premium Money Essay

Money Essays Can be Written from a Philosophical or Economic Perspective

The first impression that draws closer into one’s attention when thinking of the word “money” is dollars, checks, pounds silver and bronze coins. But money is much more than these and it is in fact a very diverse and complex topic that cane be approached from different perspectives. William Somerset Maugham states that money is like a sixth sense because people cannot make use of the other five senses without it. You can surely bear this importance, immaterial of whether your money essay is written with a philosophical, business or economic approach.

Evolution of Money

It is important that students have a sound knowledge about the pre history on the subject matter of money. Money is a very important thing for human living. Many years ago people transferred goods and services through barter system. Then they progressed in to using metal and other forms of coins to denote values of the transactions. This was the birth of the money concept. In the recent decades due to globalization and modernization money has evolved further and now comes in the form of electronic money which can be tradable, convertible and used in transactions.

Interesting Topics

Selection of topic should be in accordance with the subject. For instance, if the money essay is for economics, then the topics will differ than what you may write as a money essay for ethics subject. Students can consider the above topics to write.

1. Money and its intrinsic value
2. Role of Money in business world
3. Economic functions of money
4. True power of money
5. Why do people pursue monetary goals over others?
6. Can money buy happiness?
7. Money market and implications of monetary policies

Facts to include

Depending on the type of money essays you write, the content you will need to include will vary greatly. If it is an economic essay, inclusion of economic data and reference to monetary policies as well as theoretical models of money supply is important. If it is an overview of money, then you should start off by giving a basic impression about money and may be quote some intriguing sayings and quoting to add interest. History of money too can be included in this type of general essay. More specifics such as different currencies and their values as well as how exchange rate works can be discussed in an economics or business related essay. Every country uses a different currency to measure the value. Your essay should speak about vehicle and the basket currencies. The functions of money such as medium of exchange, unit of accounting and store of value should be explained. Students can incorporate concepts like Fisher’s concept of money circulation and Keynesian model. Inflation should be related since there is a positive correlation between the variables. The role of International Monetary Fund can be a useful topic to discuss under an essay on money.

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