When Assigned with a Media Essay…

The Power of the Media Explained through a Media Essay

Media EssayThere are various types of media. News papers, TV, radio and internet are some of the most common modes of media. Media is used for imparting information on various subjects as well as for advertising various types of products and services. When students are assigned the media essay, there are various methods in which they can handle it. However, since the scope is very wide, it is important that students decide on which media to be focused upon.

Students who are assigned this essay can consider a number of approaches to the task. It could be that they choose to enlighten the reader about different types of media and their merits and demerits. It could also be an assessment of effectiveness and reach. Informative essays can be written on mass media, electronic, recording or digital media. Media essays are often assigned for media coursework writing. In order to obtain a good grade, students need to pre plan the essay and research extensively.

Power of the Media

The power of the media should never be underestimated. Media is what influences us to do what we do. For example, if a TV advertisement shows us that using a particular perfume can make you attractive to the opposite gender, there will be a group of people who will try this out. This shows us that media is a very powerful persuasion mode and anything that they say can influence us and how we handle our day to day existence.

Media and its Influence on Children

The question of violence in the media and its influence on children is a discussion which has been around for a while now. Media uses different methods to market certain products to children. It often stereotypes people and, children watching this will believe that they too have to conform to these methods which they believe are normal. This avenue of discussion can make for a very interesting media essay.

Impact of Mass Media on Society

Media has been known to shape a person’s viewpoint. Most of our assumptions and attitudes are based on facts provided to us through mass media. Films, stories and other programs and advertisements we get exposed to in the media imply to us how we should live our day to day lives. The greatest source of mass media in the present day is the television. The amount of information provided to us through this medium make a great impact on how we live our lives. Therefore, one can safely surmise that media has a significant influence on society.

Media Violence

The most common method of spreading media violence is through the games played by children. If Tom can hit Jerry and Jerry can hit Tom, why can’t we? This is the message which is sent out to children because of media violence. You can also argue that unreal aspects of the media are not understood by the children and they sometimes bring what they learn from media in to reality, causing serious harm to themselves and others.

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