MBA Essay: Critical Ammunition in Your Application Arsenal

A good MBA Essay will Tip the Scale in Your Favor

MBA essay is one of the key ammunitions in your battle to enter a prestigious business school for your Masters degree. And today’s university entry has become so competitive; it is indeed a battle to gain admission to one of the better schools of business.

While most of have been writing excellent essays, reports and other documents, when it comes to writing a good personal essay, of the sort that is need for applying to universities, the problem of writer’s block is common. Let us now look at few tips that can enhance your admission essay and ensure a place in the college or university you always wanted to be in.

  • What your MBA Essay Should Reflect

The main objective and purpose of an admission essay is for the admission board to know you as a person. The transcripts and test scores will only give an indication of your academic knowledge. But the selectors don’t want a whole student body that has nothing but Einstein minds. They want students with diverse skills and balanced lives with dynamic personalities. So their intention is to select dynamic young individuals with strong personalities that will contribute to the development of the business world through their academic advancements. This is what your admission essay to a MBA program should reflect. It should convince to the selection board that you are worthy of being selected because your addition will enrich the institution’s student body.

  • Tone and Content of Writing

Your admission essay should be written in an emotional tone. The admission essay component of the selection process brings in a subjective aspect to the selection and you must capitalize on this and appeal to the emotions of the selectors. Your words must reach out and touch the person reading so that he or she feels and affinity with the writer. This is also why an admission essay has to be written in first person preferably and have a personal touch. Your essay should be used to highlight and portray your strong points and skills and achievements. But a major requirement is to convey these information subtly, lazed around the essay which will not be a blunt hard selling piece of writing. Read the post on common application essay for further information on the topic of application essay writing.

  • Compatibility Bteween You and College

Compatibility between the university and the student’s expectations is a very important element in academic progress. Therefore, selectors will appreciate it if you took the time to tell them why you think the college which you are applying will be able to meet your expectations.

Your essay can also be used to explain any discrepancies in the transcripts. For example, if you have a very low mark in one of the coursework for one of your strong subjects then may be it is due to a life threatening illness you battled and survived. This information can be provided to the selectors along with details of your experience and how you survived the ordeal, exhibiting your strength of character and fighting spirit to get back on track after recovery.

Few tips to note include:
o Choose appropriate writing style
o Essay format matters
o Avoid writing in passive note
o Don’t be dull, drab or pretentious.
o Provide information on your current work and responsibilities
o Convey any special achievements
o Discuss turning points in your life
o Professional presentation matters
o Proofread and edit. This is a MUST

Finally, if you are one of those people who are not above average in writing skills, then a practical advice is to seek professional help. Coursework-writing has excellent admission essay writers who will make sure you are among the selected pile. They also provide coursework assistance and dissertation writing and are among the most reputed firms in the field. Your choice to seek professional help is wiser than letting your dreams slip through your fingers due to few misspelled words and badly structured sentences. You are submitting an MBA essay to enroll in a Masters degree in Business administration. Make it professional and well written. Good Luck!