There are Many Angles to a Marriage Essay

Marriage Essays: Written on a Common but Complicated Human Relationship

Marriage is a union of two adult humans and forms the foundation for the family structures that we are familiar with in society. The common marriage wows read as “what God put together, let no man put asunder” implicating the permanent nature of this bond which should only end with “death do us part”. Writing a marriage essay can be an assignment for the ethics course module or sociology or psychology course module. And depending on for what purpose it is written, your style and stance on the subject as well as the content will need to differ.

Types of Marriage Essays

Following are few types of marriage essays which students will come across as coursework assignments.

Role of Marriage in Social Structure

An analytical essay which can delve in to how marriage came in to being in past societies and what sort of role it plays in current societies. The essay can analyse how disintegration of marriage and high rate of divorce is contributing to a host of social issues and instability in modern age.

Marriage and Equal Partnership

An argumentative or persuasive essay can be written on this subject where world over, women continue to take a back seat in their rights despite shouldering a bulk of family responsibilities. This type of a marriage essay should bring in statistical evidence of economic and social contributions which the woman makes to the society and substantiate the point that they are yet the under dog in a marriage.

Marriage: A Beautiful Union of Humans

This can be a descriptive or opinion essay where you can write of what a marriage is in your opinion and how it can make life beautiful, despite the many woes of marriage and family. You can write how it helps people become better persons or how bonds of marriage are known to last a life time.

Marriage and Marital Laws

This might be written for a law coursework and be informative and analytical of the applicable laws. Marital laws differ from country to country. For instance, the marriage laws applicable in Arabic countries are different from the Roman Dutch law or the English marital laws. When it comes to USA, the applicable laws on issues of marriage, pre-nuptial agreements and divorces all differ even by State laws.

Marriage and Exploitation

While we can all talk about marriage as something beautiful, some individuals are caught up in unpleasant marriages with exploitation and abuse. The victims are often the female spouse and they face many woes of marriage and are yet bound by their unions and the attachments. These are controversial subjects and students can write on them in interesting and argumentative fashion, citing statistics of domestic violence and cases of physical and mental abuse.

As one can see, there are plenty of ways to write a marriage essay. You should make the choice of the essay type and the content based on the course module for which you will be writing the essay for. If you find it a hard task to write this essay or any other academic writing assignments, coursework-writing is there for your aid. We are highly professional and reliable in our services and the essays you receive from us are 100% custom written for you and you alone.