Writing an A+ Marketing Essay

Marketing Essays should be a Mix of Theory and Practical Applications

Marketing Essay Marketing essay is a fixed component in most of the marketing coursework. Philip Kottler defines marketing as a process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs and the wants through developing products and the services with the aim of profit in a socially accepted manner. This comprehensive definition stresses the need for integrating marketing orientation to all spheres of business activities, starting from developing products and services to final step of finding the customer feedback and feeding it back to the company. Given the competitive business environment, marketing is now considered to be a driving force behind successful businesses.

Focus on Fresh, Attention grabbing Topics

Students can consider the following topics to write interesting marketing essays

• Importance of marketing to non profit organisations
• Integrating Marketing to the Business Value Chain
• Relationship Marketing and its Relevance to Competitive Advantage
• New Breed of Internet Marketing tools
• Marketing Research and its importance to Understanding Customer needs
• Customer profiling should depend on psychometric analysis of target groups
• Can marketing principles be applied to promoting causes?

Fundamentals of Marketing

There are few fundamental theories and principles, which students must acknowledge appropriately in writing an essay in marketing. Some of them are as below:

• Definitions of Marketing – key definitions of marketing should be incorporated to the essay and place them in proper context, related to the topic being addressed.

• Marketing and markets –the fundamentals of marketing involves market selection and targeting. Theories of segmentation, targeting and positioning should be addressed within this key principle.

• Marketing mix- Phillip Kottler proposed the concept of marketing mix which integrates the product, place, price and promotion, commonly referred to as the 4Ps. The strategies and marketing tools to be utilized in these four elements leads to a marketing plan.

• Marketing environment – theories on business environment concerns internal and external aspects. Internal audits, PESTLE, SWOT, and 5 force theory are some related concepts to be used in an analysis essay written for the subject.

• Strategy- Marketing strategies are evolving and various core strategies ranging from mass marketing to niche marketing, social marketing, relationship marketing and green marketing can be addressed.

• Product life cycle and new products – Here the concepts focus on how a product or service is developed and how it moves through phases in a life cycle. Appropriate strategy designing in view of life cycle status is a key study area to address in an interesting marketing essay.

Enlisting Writing Help

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