Management Essay Should Display Managerial Knowledge

Management Essays Need Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

Writing management essay calls for specialized knowledge of management theories and managerial happenings in the business world. As management influences mostly all the phases of the present organizations, this is an exciting essay to write. The existences of the business world and the individuals involved depend on the knowledge and awareness in management. A preliminary definition for management would be the effective and professional integration of physical and human assets in order to achieve desired objectives. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling would be the managerial functions which constitutes the process of management. Managers are the people who manage the organizations and there are top-level, middle level and operation level managers in a given organization. They are required to encompass interpersonal, informational and decisional roles and conceptual, human and technical skills to manage successfully.

Appropriate Structure
As in normal essay writing, management essays also should be structured in an appropriate manner. There should be an opening discussion followed by the message body. The student should present an organized piece of writing that will link the opening and the conclusion; this can be in certain paragraphs and in bullet point form, when required. Models and diagrams are permitted most of the time in this type of essays. A proper conclusion has to be written to close the discussions and bring the essay to an end. Essay should allow the reader for a prolonged reading. This is the mantra of essay writing.

Scope of the Essay
The word management is dispersed and therefore essays on management will have wide scope. Students should focus upon traditional and emerging views of management. These essays can take many different forms. For instance, a compare and contrast essay of Japanese management practices vs. Western practices can be an interesting approach. A management essay can be an analysis essay which deeply analyse the effectiveness of various management models. These management paradigms are very dynamic hence how applicable these are to current world must be considered by the writer. For instance, the hierarchical management structures are being replaced by matrix and cluster formations in organisations. This is mainly in response to the dawn of the knowledge economy in which knowledge workers dominate the work environment. Also to add value, students can present the contributions made by various management scientists in the early years of the evolution of management. F W Taylor, Frank Gilberth and Henry Gantt were the pioneers of scientific management. More contemporary management gurus include Peter Druker, Kaplan, Hofstede etc.

Management Issues
From morning till the end we come across many problems where effective management is vital. Students should possess a deep understanding of all areas in management. Some of the key areas of management involve human resource management, resource management, finance management, conflict management, operation management, marketing management, cross cultural management etc. They are highly integrated to each other. So students should opt out of the directly unrelated areas as per the requirement of the assignment. Imagining being a manager is the key to developing management essays that are extremely effective.

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