Making Use of an Essay Bank

Essay Bank Will Give You a Guideline on How to Write Your Essay

When you simply cannot think of how to decide on an essay title or when you simply cannot come up with ideas for another essay, you might wonder what you can do to make your life a little easier. This is where essay banks come in. Here are few tips on what an essay bank is and what it can be used for.

 Reference Material
These are a good source of reference. For instance, if your coursework info states that the essay should be written as an argumentative essay, you may want to find out how this is done. You can refer to examples of essays in various forms and draw some inspirations and get some ideas on essay topics as well.

 A Guide on Formatting
These sample essays are also intended to convey the appropriate essay formats and structuring tips for the students. An essay needs a proper introduction, a body section and a conclusion. The introduction must have a clear thesis statement. These essays will also let you see how to apply writing styles such as MLA or APA. The in-text citations of quoted material as well as the reference list will show you how to apply these rules to an essay. By reading through sample essays from these resource sites, you can get valuable insight in to how best to apply the correct writing techniques to your own essay writing.

 Essay Bank and Writing Service
Bear in mind these services are not writing services. They will not write your essay for you. It is there just for you to browse through and gather information on how to write and how to format etc. The difference between an essay bank and a writing service is that a writing service writes custom essays according to the customer’s requirements. On the other hand, an essay bank will display essays for free and also have a collection that is available for sale. These are written already by someone else and intended to be used as examples. It’s similar to buying a published book of essay collections to refer and sharpen your writing skills.

 Charges Involved
Some sites require a fee for viewing and downloading an essay, while others don’t, although there only few free sites as such. Usually students with good writing skills write their own essays and put it on the bank. If someone purchases the particular essay, they too will receive a certain percentage of the sales price.

 Browsing in Essay Banks
As there are many types of essays in a bank, locating your essay type from discussion essay to design essay or a process analysis essay could be difficult. The banks provide a search engine which will allow you to type in a few keywords related to your essay and you might get a list of essays that match your requirements. Sometimes you will get many results for your keywords, and then you will have to browse through those essays and decide which one is the most suitable for you before purchasing.

Some students misuse the services offered by such a web resource and try to copy the essays with minor changes and pass it off as their own. You must always bear in mind that essay banks are there for only one purpose, and that is to be used as a guideline to help you to write your essay.