Writing an Interesting Love Essay

Students will be delighted to write Love essay since it is an attractive topic

Love Essay When students are assigned with a love essay, they may wonder what relevance it has to academic work. The point is that, it is a universal concept with much relevance to all humans’ lives. It is the very thread that view and sustain the fabric of human life, family, society and mankind. Have you ever wondered “What is the meaning of this four letter word ‘love’?” It’s really difficult to come out with a specific answer. There are thousands of real meanings for the word love. They are friendship, care, harmony etc. Rabindranath Tagore, the well known Indian poet describes love as follows:

“It is not a mere sentiment and it is the ultimate truth at the heart creation. This is considered to be the best feeling in the world. Our time is not an eternity but a mere flash but love will last for ever. It will go on. Love is not only expressed by human but it is also expressed by all the living creatures in this universe” – Rabindranath Tagore

Basics of Writing an Essay on Love

The students are not required to be knowledgeable and encompass comprehensive understanding to write a love essay, unlike economic essay or law school essay. They just have to express their feelings of love, opinions on love and may be narrate an experience related to love when they write an essay of this nature. Although this is an informal topic as per the essay writing norms, the writing structure and formatting must comply with general academic writing requirements. But due to the informal nature of the subject matter, one can adopt creative writing structures such as essay letter format to support this type of writing.

General Essay Format

If the normal format is adopted, then the essay should start with an interesting introduction as; the first impression is the best impression. The body of the essay must be presented to support the main theme or the thesis statement you are intending to propose to the reader. Love essays can be made more meaningful by incorporating quotes to make the essay convey not only your views on love but other more well known people’s ideas. A good memorable conclusion is a must to any essay and no exception in this case. But sadly, most students write a few hasty sentences at the end of an essay, thinking that this would form an effective conclusion. This should be avoided at all costs, since last impressions are equally important as first impressions.

Different Points that can be Addressed in the Essay

Love essays can contain diverse perspective and written with different points of view. Individual’s idea of love is affected by the environment, a person’s perceptions, attitudes, religion, culture and hereditary issues. Remember that, love doesn’t mean the feelings between a girl and a boy only. Parents can love their children, friend can love each other, and teacher can love a student. A religious leader may love the man kind and a person may simply love his or her pet. Above stated examples are different forms of love. You may choose to write a comparison essay on these different forms of love

Some students may come across difficulties in writing a love essay, since is it somewhat personal topic calling for creative expressions. But this should not hinder the student from submitting a good essay and getting a good grade. Contact coursework-writing co.uk. for excellent writing assistance and we will offer you excellent advice and writing support.