Coming Up with a Good “Lord of the Flies” Essay

“Lord of the Flies” Essays Should Interpret the Symbolism and Subtle Messages

English literature is sometimes a subject which many students find they can do without. Reading through these works of great literature can take students in to a world of refined thinking that is both bold yet subtle, expressed in various styles inherent to different writers. To attend to literature assignments, they will have to read certain novels and understand the essay questions posed in order to write high quality literature essays. One such assignment is the Lord of the Flies essay. Although this essay is an interesting one, many students will find that actually writing it a challenging task.

What is “Lord of the Flies”?

Written by author William Golding during the first years of the Cold War, the novel was at first not a very successful one. The book became successful in the 1960s when it became required reading material for many school goers. The story is about a group of 13 year olds whose plane crashes in to an island and how the children form groups and select leaders who will rule them. The story goes on to explain that this is not successful and attempts to depict what happens when people try to govern themselves. The story deals with many controversial subjects and is similar in writing and its ideologies to the Animal Farm.

“Lord of the Flies” Questions

Students writing the “Lord of the Flies” essay need to be prepared to answer some common essay questions effectively. This means they should be thorough with the story and understand the core message conveyed as well as the subtle undertones. This requires them to read the entire story carefully. Below are some of the possible essay questions which could be asked to respond to in essay form:

• What is the significance of the title “Lord of the Flies”?

• How does the author, lay a foundation for the tragic ending in the story?

• Explain you interpretation of “Piggy” and why you think he is doomed?

• What is the symbolism involved in the conch shell in this story and how does it show authority?

• Provide examples and explanations on the theme of the story about good vs. evil.

• Discuss the warnings of the author on evil doings and why?

• Why should “Piggy” generate more sympathy in the story than the other characters?

These are just some questions which students can practise when writing the “Lord of the Flies” essays. With practise they will be able to anticipate and write on any question posed to them effectively.

Writing the Essay

Writing the essay requires students to understand what is being asked. Study the questions carefully before beginning the writing. Some words such as “discuss”, “analyze”, “explain” etc should be considered carefully and your essay should do exactly that. When the essay entails you to discuss and analyse, if you just narrate the story, the marks are hard to come by.

“Lord of the Flies” essays can be written if students take the time to understand each nuance of the novel. However, given the busy time schedules and staggering coursework load coupled with exam pressures, reading is some times a hard task to attend to. If you are struggling with your literature assignment, will assist you in writing their essays. We are a premier company which takes great pride in delivering what we promise. When you obtain help from us, you are assured of the highest quality work.