Literature Essay – a discussion of Works of Literature

Writing Literature Essays Calls for Ability to Interpret the Work of Literature

Literature Essay When you are assigned to write a literature essay it can discuss anything from drama, to poetry, novels or even the authors and playwrights involved. You could be assigned a piece of literature to analyze and write your essay on it or you could be asked to select a certain text to write. Whichever way you are assigned the essay, it is vital that you have a good understanding of the topic you are about to discuss. The essay depends upon your ability to interpret the content, the message and deeper but subtle nuances included in the works of literature involve.

The text you select to write about for the literature essay will be your main source of information. The thesis statement of the essay will have to be unique and the information will have to be obtained from within the text. However, there are certain instances when you can also obtain information from other sources such as critiques and reviews of other writers. Some of the common assignments for this type of an essay may come from Shakespeare essay topics or Jane Eyre essay topics.

The Argument and the Thesis Statement

Usually, literature essays require you to read a text and provide your opinion or point of view about the text. You will basically argue that your judgement is correct and valid and will try and convince the readers of this aspect as well. The thesis statement plays an important part in a good essay. Thus, your thesis statement will have to be interesting and specific. For example, if you are writing an essay on Romeo and Juliet and their undying love for each other, “The love between Romeo and Juliet was one which withstood the test of time and is one which many of us may never find.” The rest of the essay will spend itself proving this point. Use as many examples as possible to drive your point home to the readers. The evidence can come from excerpts from the work of literature itself as well as other sources.

Writing about Characters

A novel has a variety of characters which you can use to write essays on. These characters not only add spice to the text but also enable us to think critically about them. Your essay can be on whether the character is realistic and provide reasons and answers as to your choice. Or you can write a compare and contrast essay using one or two characters of a novel.

Writing about Authors

There are some instances when students will be asked to write an essay based on a particular literary figure. This can be an essay on F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain or Charlotte Bronte. These types of essays will have you writing about the authors and not about what they wrote. However, discussing a few items from their novels and how the novel is represented by the authors can be written on. A good knowledge of what made the authors who they are is required in this instance.

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