Different Analysis Can be Used in Writing the Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Essays Build the Student’s Confidence in Critique Writing

Literary analyses are common coursework assignments for English or literature modules. This will require students to read certain texts and provide an analysis or evaluation of their interpretation of the text. Based on their analysis of the text, students will have to write the literary analysis essay.

Types of Analysis for Literature

There are various types of analyses which students can use to write their literary analysis essays. These include the rhetorical analysis, cultural analysis, feminist analysis, historicism analysis and deconstructive analyses just to name a few.

Rhetorical Analysis – This type of analysis will have the student analysing the technique of the writing and the purpose of the writing. To do this, students need to apply their critical reading skills to perfection. By reading the text critically, they will be able to break down the text which makes it easier to analyze the strategies used by the writer to achieve his or her goal.

Cultural Analysis – This will analyse the literature according to its cultural context. This will have students evaluating the culture or its cultural values which will reflect on the text being studied.

Feminist Analysis – If writing a literary analysis essay using this type of analysis, you will have to evaluate the text from either a female point of view or it will be analyzed by the portrayal of females in the text.

Historicism Analysis – This type of analysis will have the writer analyzing on the time and place the text was written and how it affected the text. Students will question how the texts were received during that time by its readers.

Deconstructive Analysis – This will have students studying and trying to evaluate if there is a possible secondary meaning to the text.

Whichever type of analysis used for the essay, it is of utmost importance that students read the entire text carefully and try to understand it. Without this element you will not be able to analyze the text thoroughly.

Writing the Essay

Writing this essay is easy if you keep in mind that the aim of the essay is to offer the readers useful information on your interpretation of the text. However, there are certain elements which need to be adhered when writing the essay. These include, writing in the present tense, the exclusion of first person in the essay and not writing the essay as if telling a story. The essay should be written with a sound thesis statement about the text and its analysis should be explained with the use of evidence which will back the thesis statement. If this is kept in mind you will be able to write a good essay.

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