Tips to Write an Interesting Life Essay

Life Essays Should Describe the Viewpoints and the Priorities of Life

Life Essay
There are many good essay openers for a life essay. “Life is short, and we have to live it to the fullest”. “Life is so fragile yet challenging.” “Nothing is permanent in our lives.” These are just few philosophical ideas of life. Most of the time, no one seems to be happy with their lives. There are numerous angles to write an essay on life and this essay is similar to essays such as a home essay, a relationship essay, a family essay or a success essay where essay writer’s own personal opinions are the basis of the essay,

Essay Writing Strategies

Student can write life essays on diverse strategies. Selection of a particular method would depend on the assignment requirements as well as student’s preference.

• You can write about your own life. This will be a complicated matter for some while others may enjoy talking about their lives. You have to adopt narrative essay writing styles to write this essay since the essay will relate your life to the reader. The content will include important incidents, milestones, inspirations in your life and your life goals and values.

• Essay on another person’s life. Your professor’s might stipulate a particular person such as a well known personality. If not the case, you can write about a person that you admire, some one that has inspired you or someone that has stuck your attention in some way. You may even choose a controversial person’s life to write about which will no doubt make for interesting reading material

• Students can write a common essay on life. Here you can explain many aspects of life. You can speak about the basic necessities to live such as food, good heath, job security, love and shelter. Religious philosophies have an impact on way of living and you can discuss this aspect too. Education will increase the value of life. Finally you can explain about death. Suicides are alarming and reflect the low value placed by some individuals on their lives. Your essay can explore causes behind such disillusionments of life.

Suitable Essay Topics

The topics to write for a life essay will depend upon the strategy you choose to write your essay. If it is on your own life or on another, then the approach is more of an autobiographical one. But of you were to write on life in general, then here are few topics which students can consider.

 Incidents that make you lose faith in life
 A narration of my life
 My way of life
 Life essay – Bill Clinton
 Life story of Mother Theresa
 Simple living can bring peace and serenity to life.
 Principle values of a person will remain unchanged over a life time.

Writing a life essay is an interesting task for many but extensive researching will be mandatory if you are writing an essay on a ‘third person’s life’. Saddled with many other coursework, students may find this essay a meddlesome issue. Some may not even like the idea of writing an essay on life as this contain more philosophical thoughts. If this is the case, seek help from Our proficient writers will help you write essays that gets you the best grades.