Law Essay Writing is a Complex Task

Use the Bluebook Format for your Law Essay Writing Assignment

Law Essay Writing Law school is a time of great stress for most students. This is due to the fact that they are assigned the task of law essay writing. Writing law essays is very different from that of standard essays. Therefore, law students need to be familiar with how they should write their essays and how to comply with the law paper formatting requirements.

Law essays need to be written according to the type of law which you are studying. This can be corporate law, criminal law, commercial law, civil law, business law, labour law etc. The type of essay you will write will pertain to the subject area in which the law student will be majoring on. Coursework writing for law studies may involve lengthy term paper style essays as well as short papers such as argumentative, opinion or informative essays.

Law Essay Format

The most important factor when writing law essays is the format which you will have to use. This is very different from the APA, MLA and Harvard formats which you would have used to write other essays. One of the most common law essay writing format is known as the Blue Book Format. Students writing law essays need to be thorough with this format, if their law school is depending on this method to make proper citations.

What is the Blue Book?

The Blue book is compiled by the Harvard Law Review Association, the Colombia Law Review, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review and the Yale Law Journal. The book constitutes of a blue cover, hence the name. This book provides students with understanding of how the style and formatting of various legal documents should be followed. This includes the structure of the publications and citations etc. The Blue book is known to be very complicated and many legal scholars have asked that it be replaced with a simpler system. As a result the University of Chicago uses the Maroon Book which is simpler than that of the Blue book. It should be mentioned that the US Supreme Court uses its own unique citation style which is different from that of the Blue book although most lawyers have studied under the Blue book system.

Writing a Law Essay

Apart from the citation and formatting, the law essay is written adhering to the standard process of essay writing. You need to select a good topic, research on the selected topic by using databases such as WestLaw, Findlaw and Lexis, and write the essay in the most comprehensive manner possible. Writing law essays is not the same as writing English coursework essays. You need to be more formal and use a different tone of voice. Keep in mind that law essays need to be written very specifically and objectively and no subjectivity is tolerated.

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