A Law Essay should Display Your Knowledge of Legislature

Writing Law Essays Can Be Time Consuming and Extremely Demanding

Students in law school will be required to write many essays. These essays will be on topics related to all matters related to law. These law essays you write should demonstrate an outstanding knowledge of the areas you have covered within the curriculum. Since the essays are used by the tutors to gauge your level of knowledge acquisition, a good grade is only possible if the essay you write can convince the tutor of your understanding of the subject.

Various Branches of Law

Each essay will generally focus upon one particular legislature, an Act or judiciary issue. This is because each of such element is it self very complex and extensive. Writing an essay of this type requires you to have an understanding of the different types of law. There are many branches to the study of law and students would choose to pursue the study of them depending on their desire to practice in this field in future a lawyer. So, your essays may be written in the fields of commercial law, Civil law, Criminal law, business law, labour law or corporate law to name a few.

Topics for the Essay

Law essay topics will vary according to each type of law studied. Therefore, students should select a topic which is relevant to their field of law studies. Few are mentioned below

• Tote law and its applicability.
• How does an offer and acceptance interpreted in contract law?
• Discuss variations in Maritime law applicable in different parts of the world.
• Discuss different systems of law as Roman Dutch law, English Law and Common wealth Law.
• Analyse how negligence and due diligence are treated from a judiciary perspective.
• Divorce law under Islamic Sharia law.
• Arbitration law for international business.
• Differentiate on criminal offences vs. civil offences.

Law Research

Research is important to law. If you were a lawyer and had to defend a case you will do your utmost to ensure that all your facts are in order. This requires you to conduct thorough research in to the topic. The same is applied when you are writing the essay. Law research can be found in databases such as Lexis, WestLaw and Findlaw. Using these databases will ensure that you have access to the most up todate and a comprehensive collection of data on legislature and case law.

Format for the Essay

Law essays need to be formatted in the proper manner. The format used for the essay differs from what is ordinarily used for standard essays. This type of format is known as the Blue Book format. It is published by the Harvard Law Review Association and it describes how citations should be formatted, among other things. Students are advised to adhere strictly to these formatting techniques to avoid getting a low grade for the essays.

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