Approaches to Language Essay

Writing a Language Essay Educates on the Importance of Language

Language EssayFor many, learning to write essays in their own language is important. As English is the predominant language the world over, it is compulsory that many students in other countries also learn to write their essays in English. This is often in addition to their mother tongue. This fact may seem easy for those who know and understand English. But for others it may not be so. The same issue can be looked at from another angle. It is similar to an English student writing essays in another language such as Spanish, French or German essays. Let us take a closer look at the many ways in which we can write a language essay.

The Importance of Knowing another Language

It is always advisable to learn one or two languages other than one’s mother tongue. In today’s globalized world, the cross national interactions have increased dramatically, and being multilingual enables people to communicate confidently with people from other nationalities. Statistics reveal that more than 320 million the world over speak English. But there are other languages which come close. These include Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin. Your essay can narrate a personal experience where knowledge of another language helped you. This can support your view that learning new languages can be useful in many contexts, starting from simple social interactions to performing well in international corporate and business world. The demand for multilingual expatriates to work in different locations across the world is escalating and people with such skills have a better chance of being appointed to high posts in transnational corporate organisations. Such reasons are certainly worthwhile to justify the efforts one has to put in acquisition of another language.

Text Messages and Language

The way people use the English language has changed the world over. For example, if using a phone to text a friend one uses the term “LOL” and “B4” which means Laugh Out Loud and Before. Texting and instant messaging has in fact become a sub cultural phenomenon among the youth generation and most are unaware of how they use these shorthand acronyms even in formal writing context. You can write an argumentative or critical essay on the detrimental effects of Text message culture on English language. You can also write your language essay, discussing how the future generations’ language acquisition can be affected by exposure to such acronyms in place of proper language.

Discussing Special Languages

Sign language and Braille are two ways of communication which people who are impaired in hearing and sight have to learn. Both these types of languages provide the hearing and sight impaired people a means to communicate and function in the world. You will be able to provide a brief synopsis on the birth of Braille and Sign Language and write an advantages essay based on this topic.

Language Acquisition Skills of Young Children

It is said that children in the age range of 3-12 years have the best capacity to acquire languages. Research shows that young children are capable of learning up to 10 languages within this age category. This does not go to say that after 12 years children cannot learn languages. It simply means that exposure to multiple languages in young ages can expedite the rate of learning compared to later years. This is an interesting area of discussion which can be the basis for an informative language essay.

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