Jane Eyre Essay Topics can take Various Perspectives

To Select Jane Eyre Essay Topics Needs Thorough Understanding of the Story

As part of their English coursework students will be assigned to write a Jane Eyre essay. The Jane Eyre essay is an interesting aspect of essay writing as the novel is interesting and will grasp the students’ attention. When this essay writing project is assigned to students they will wonder what they should be writing for this essay. Another thought which will cross their minds is how to select the best Jane Eyre essay topics. A good essay can be written on this assignment if a thorough understanding of the novel is had by the students.

Jane Eyre – The Story
Written by Charlotte Bronte and published in 1847, Jane Eyre is a story of a young girl who is emotionally abused by her aunt and cousins. As a governess to a family in Thornfield Manor, Jane Eyre falls in love with Edward Rochester, her employer. The story goes on to describe about Jane’s departure to stay with her dying aunt and on her return how she professes her love for Mr. Rochester and the ensuing story is about her impending wedding. The story goes on to explain how Jane and Edward cannot marry as he is already married to another. The last section of the story goes onto explain how Edward loses his sight in a fire where his wife is killed as well and Jane marries him regardless.

Topics for Jane Eyre Essay
As there are many characters and situations in this story, students have a variety of essay topics to select from. Jane Eyre is not only a romantic story but also a story about the treatment of children and religious faith and equality among women. Jane Eyre essay topics will include the following;
• Overcoming the many temptations faced by Jane Eyre.
• Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte – are they the same?
• Critic on the social classes depicted.
• Differences and similarities between the Reeds and the Rivers.
• Jane Eyre and her Christian faith as opposed to Charlotte Bronte and her faith.
• Jane Eyre a true feminist?
• A good comparison essay of Edward and St. John and their relations to Jane.
• A character analysis of Jane Eyre.

Topic Selection Procedure
Selection of Jane Eyre topics are not hard to come up with if students follow the rules of topic selection. These rules are the same ones which are applied to the selection of any essay topic for any coursework writing project. Therefore, students should have a basic knowledge of how they should select proper topics.

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In order to select good essay Jane Eyre essay topics students should understand the entire novel thoroughly. This means reading the entire story and understanding the underlying theme. In order to understand what type of topics are the most suited for this type of essay, student should go through a few sample essay topics. These will ensure that they select the proper topics for their essays.

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