An Interview Essay Provides Feedback on an Interview Conducted

Interview Essays – Sums up Interviewees Feedback to Interview Questions

Any type of interview can be nerve racking regardless of whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee. There can be different types of essays to be written surrounding the topic of interviews. At the conclusion of an interview session, you may need to write a summary essay of what the interviewee discussed and how he or she handles the interview questions. Such a feedback write up can be termed as an interview essay and will serve the purpose of justifying the selection of a particular candidate as well as rejection of others. Those students following Human Resource Management (HRM) courses will be required to write essays of this nature. Then there can also be interview tips essay or Preparing for Interview essay.

Interview Feedback Essay

Firstly, before writing the interview essay, you need to refer carefully to the interview questions as well as transcripts or recordings of the interview. By listening and identifying key points of the responses, you can build the theme of your essay. It could be a key strength of the interviewee that gets highlighted in the responses or it can be a useful qualification or job experience that sets the central theme to the selection decision. It could also be a weak point of the interviewee or the incompatibility with the job descriptions and job specification that needs to be highlighted in the essay. In such a case, the feedback will present the reasons justifying why the applicant is NOT selected. The identification of the main points and sub points to be mentioned in the essay should be noted down at the preparatory stage.

Interview Tips Essay

One can also write tips for facing an interview. These include practicing on how to handle an interview confidently, and how to present your self and manage your body language. Such interview essays can provide valuable information to the readers and should be written in expository form. Being polite, courteous, professionally attired and being on time are some of the key points to be discussed in such an essay.

Effective Interviewing

This again is a good topic area to be discussed in essays on interviews. Just as it is important to have effective interviewees, the person interviewing should have a good grasp of how to conduct an interview properly.

• Being well prepared with a set of probing and revealing essay question is critical.

• Being familiar with the applicant’s resume and qualifications etc. is important. The interviewer should not waste time asking the interviewee to repeat what is on the resume.

• A good interviewer knows how to bring the best out of the interviewee by calming them and not making them nervous. But others make the mistake of wanting to intimidate the interviewee. This shows the ineffectiveness of the interviewer.

• Time management is critical in interviews. The interviewer should adhere to time schedules and inform the interviewees the time span available for the interview. If many are being interviewed, staggered interview times should be allocated.

All above points and additional points from the student can produce interesting and useful interview essays that guide interviewers on being effective at this task.

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