Do you know How to Write an Essay Well?

Tips on How to Write an Essay Applies to Any Essay Writing Assignments

How to Write an Essay
Writing essays is a common task when in high school and college. Many essays will have to be written during these years. These essays are assigned so that you will be conversant with the task of communicating and writing. By perfecting the writing of essays in high school, you will be able to handle the more complex writings which are required at the university level. By applying few good essay writing tips, the quality of your essays can be improved considerably. Therefore, it is always a plus point to update your skills on how to write an essay whether you are in high school or college.

Writing Essays in High School

High school essays are the easiest to write. They require you to select a topic, conduct research on it and write short to medium essays. Generally, students are required to use the five paragraph essay format to write these simple essays. High school essays are written on simple topics while the focus is to cultivate the basic essay writing skills in the student. The writing of the essay is for a general audience; therefore, the language used is simple and the essay structure too is expected to be kept simple. These essays are usually not very lengthy and may be 500 words to 1000 words in length which make it easier to write. The key points to pay attention to includes how you present the thesis, how outside sources are referred to and the grammar and spellings of the essay. So, make sure to focus on these when you are learning how to write essays during the initial stages.

Writing Essays in College

Writing an essay in college is very different from that of the high school essay. For one thing, the essays are longer and will require more time and effort. As the lengths of the essays are quite significant, the research too will be time consuming. College essays require adherence to formatting systems such as APA, MLA, Harvard etc. and essays need to be written for different subjects. College essays as a result tend to be more complex and time consuming. All the essay papers written in high school will not prepare most students to face the college students well. Hence, students need to update themselves on how to write an essay geared for university standards.

General Essay Writing Tips for Any Level

Although the essay writing may be different, the process of writing will remain the same regardless of what academic stage you are in. In order to learn how to write an essay, you need to plan your time, plan your essay and write your essay in a clear and cohesive manner. Such writing skills does not come overnight but only with persistence practicing. As stated above, writing a school essay requires dedication and enthusiasm from student. To ensure the task being completed by deadline, students should start immediately as the assignment is received. With a proper plan, you will be able to address each step of essay writing in a positive manner. Following are the main steps in essay writing

• Read the assignment and select a topic

• Brainstorm on ideas, the type of essay and angel in which the essay will be written.

• Draft an essay outline

• Research for supporting material from books, journals, web sources etc.

• Write the essay

• Edit and proof read the essay

• Submit the essay

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