How to Build a Thesis Statement?

Tips and Guidelines on How to Build a Thesis Statement

When writing an essay, research paper or a dissertation, there are certain rules and regulations which need to be adhered to. Simply beginning the writing process is not how it should be done. Just as there are rules and guidelines on how one should drive on the road or apply for a college, there are rules as to how one should do their essay writing. When writing an essay, the structure of the essay is very important. This includes the introduction, body and conclusion. One of the most important elements to an essay, research paper or a dissertation is the thesis statement. In this article we will try and educate you on how to build a thesis statement.

What is a Thesis Statement?
Many students spend their entire high school career not knowing what a thesis statement is. A thesis statement is one sentence in the essay or research paper, which informs the reader about the central point of the essay. There are many aspects to a thesis statement. First and foremost, it informs the significance of the subject matter. It will also provide the reader with an idea as to what the entire essay is all about. It will contain a limited topic bound by set parameters and state your final stance on the subject. It should articulate the direction of the essay.

How to Build a Thesis Statement
As thesis statements are important to every piece of academic writing, it is natural for students to ask “how to build a thesis statement?” If you are writing essays for your A level coursework, your essay will receive separate marks for a strong thesis statement. This involves the student understanding the set essay question clearly and then brainstorming on different angles in which the essay can be written. Having done this, the you should decide what stand you will take, or from what position you will write the essay. Some types of essays will not have a stand or a position to it. Then it is simply the central issue or theme presented by the essay that is conveyed in the thesis line.

What to Ensure a Strong Thesis Statement
Regardless of whether it is essay writing or any other coursework writing, there are certain criteria for a strong thesis statement. Provided below, is a list which will ensure that your thesis statement is strong.

• Read the question which was asked many times in order to find out how you have to answer the question. It is pointless trying to build a thesis statement that does not answer the assignment question.
• If the thesis is prone to argument you have come halfway to building a good thesis. A good thesis statement should allow others to state their views about it. Simply stating facts which everyone agrees with will not make a good thesis statement.
• Thesis statements should not be vague. A good thesis statement does not leave the reader with a feeling of being lead astray. From the very beginning of the essay, the reader should know the position you are taking.

A good thesis statement will help to organize ideas and keeps you from going off the track. These are important elements to a good essay. If you succeed at building a strong thesis statement you will never have to ask “how to build a thesis statement?” again.

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