Great Expectations Essay Questions can be Diverse

Expect the Great Expectations Essay Questions In Order to Write a Good Essay

There are many writing assignments which are required of students. When doing English coursework they will have many essay writing assignments. These assignments will range from the writing of Romeo and Juliet essays to Glass menagerie essays. One writing assignment which will be required is the writing of the Great Expectations essay. In order for you to have a better idea as to how to do this assignment, we will provide some Great Expectations essay questions.

What is the Great Expectations Essay?
The Great Expectations essay is a requirement of English coursework. In order to write a good essay, they need to know the novel inside out. This can only be achieved through a comprehensive reading of the novel. Written by Charles Dickens the story is about a boy by the name of Pip and his life story from childhood to adulthood. There are many characters and themes which are asked as essay questions when doing this coursework. It is vital that students be prepared for the many questions which they can expect.

Essay Questions on Great Expectations
Being prepared for the Great Expectations essay questions will prove fruitful as students will be able to plan and write their answers when the questions are asked of them. Below are a few essay questions which could be asked of you.
• What is the importance of the first chapter in the novel?
• How is social class depicted in the novel?
• What sort of relationship does Pip have with his sister?
• Are there any sections in the novel which make you feel as if you are reading a travel brochure?
• Explain the reasons you think why the novel is divided into three sections.
• Out of the two endings in the novel which one would you prefer and why.
• Describe one character from the novel and liken him or her to someone in your life.
• Who would you wish to be in the novel, and why?
• Name a few passages where Dickens’s interest in social reform reflects his feelings towards people and institutions in the nineteenth century English society. Explain these passages in your own words.
• In your view what are some of the important ideas in the novel.

Importance of Well Written Answers
When answering, students should ensure that they understand all the questions properly. Only when a proper understanding of the questions is had will they be able to answer these questions in the proper manner. Some essay questions may need you to wirte informatively, while others may want you to be writing in compare and contrasting fashion. Failure to understand the task expected through the essay questions can be costly when it comes to final marks.
There are many more Great Expectations essay questions online if students are interested in answering them. Going online and practicing these questions is highly recommended if you wish to obtain a good grade for your coursework writing assignment on Great Expectations.

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