Goals Essay – Putting Your Dreams on Paper

Write Your Goals Essay with True Passion for Your Dreams

We all have dreams for the future. Dreams of what we want to become after high school and college. Some of us want to be lawyers, doctors, researchers. Others have smaller but still important goals. Some wish to be married and have children of their own. Some have goals for careers less demanding. Some just wish to have a better life. Still others dream of travelling the seven seas and letting lose their explore instincts. When assigned to write the goals essay, students can write about anything which they have been dreaming of becoming.

Objective of the Essay
There are different types of goals. Students can not only write about their personal goals, but also about their goals for the world in general. For example students can write about their goals and dreams of making the world a better place. The objective of the essay is to ensure that students understand exactly what “goals” entail. By assigning the goals essay tutors can have a better understanding of students’ goals for the future. This way they can gauge if the subjects being selected by students are suitable for their career goals.

Writing the Essay
Writing the essay is not as easy as students would think. First and foremost, students need to know exactly what their life goals are. Take time to contemplate on this aspect before beginning the writing procedure. Some students tend to go through life without any aim. These students need to think hard on what they will write for the essay. Make a list of what you would like to be and make up your mind on what the most important aspect is. Once you have an understanding of this you can begin the process of writing the essay.

There are short term and long term goals. Goals essays can encompass all these goals. Short term goals can be obtaining good grades for exams while long term goals are career plans. When you write the essay, organize it in a manner which you think is suitable. Will you write your short term goals first, as they are the most current? Or the long term goals? Build an outline before writing as outlining will help your essay to be organized. Always refer to the outline when writing.

Furthermore, the goals you select should have some form of justification. May be your life background prompted you to seek such future goals. Otherwise you skills and character may be well aligned with a particular life goal. May be you are truly passionate about a cause such as serving children, wild life etc. that your goals involve doing what you like most.

Structure of the Essay
The standard structure used for all essays will be used for this as well. Your essay will include an introduction which will explain the purpose of the essay. Write the body paragraphs in order of importance. Each goal should be designated a paragraph. Do not include more than one goal in one paragraph. Some of you may write one goal but then support this with reasons and justifications in separate paragraphs. Restate your points clearly in the conclusion.

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