Global Warming Essay Can Be Written In Different Forms

Accurate Information and Statistics Can Express the Gravity of the Issue in a Global Warming Essay

Writing a Global Warming Essay is a common task required of most students. As it is a current and important issue these days there is a lot of emphasis on getting students to write essays regarding this subject. Before we begin to write our essay on global warming it is important for us to educate ourselves on how best to write it.

What is Global Warming?
Global warming is the increase in the average temperature on the earth’s surface. This is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases such as carbon and methane which form over the earth resulting in heat being trapped within the Earth’s atmosphere. This causes temperature changes in the atmosphere resulting in severe torrential rains, melting of polar ice caps, increase in sea levels, droughts and other climatic disasters.

Different Ways of Writing
This topic can be discussed in many ways. It can be written as a cause and effect essay, where you will write on the causes of global warming and the resulting effects or consequences of it. It can also be written as a discussion essay, where you can talk about the repercussions of ignoring the changes around us, an informative essay, where you will provide information to the reader about the causes of global warming. If you choose to write it as a persuasive essay, you will persuade the reader to act on reducing the emission levels to the environments by stressing on the impact on the environment because of the things we do.

Whichever way you choose to write your essay, there are a few main points to consider that can make your writing both effective and interesting.

It is always a good idea to draw up an essay plan which will help you to write in a clear and concise manner which will make it easy for the reader to understand what you are saying. Planning stage involves identifying the subject area, the style of writing you are going to use, the outline of the essay and a tentative essay title.

Research is vital. An essay of this nature should have proper facts and data. This is a topic that is in the current spot light and there is ample information which can be found in libraries or online. Reading the book “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore will help you to understand the severity of this subject and will keep you informed about certain facts you will need to know in order to write your essay. Also refer to the Keyoto Protocol to see what nations at government level are attempting in curbing the emission levels. There are targets set for each nation to reduce their own levels of harmful emissions to the environment and these are being implemented through legislature as well as awareness programs. Promoting of hybrid and electric powered vehicle is another means of reducing pollutant emission to the atmosphere.

Organize your writing. Follow proper essay structure and format. Make your introduction interesting, the body sound and well supported and the conclusion to be memorable. This will ensure that the essay holds the reader’s interest from beginning to end. You can end your essay by calling the reader for action by informing him that Global Warming can be stopped if he does something about it. As with writing any essay for academic purposes, it is recommended that you make sure to get your facts correct and cite your sources correctly.

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