Getting Custom Essays UK

Basic Facts Students Should Know When Hiring Writers for Their Custom Essays UK

Writing essays is a requirement of every high school and college student’s life. Writing an essay is a demanding task, especially with part time jobs and other school activities. Most often students tend to hire the services of professional writers to do their essays. Choosing Custom writing option for the essay is easy for most students. These essay writing services are freely accessible from anywhere in the world by students of different countries who study in English. But most encounter the problem of getting a Custom Essay UK style or custom essay written to American style. When hiring professional writers for their custom essays it is important to specify that your requirement is to have it written in UK English.

Essay writing involves writing various forms of essays a common application essay to descriptive essay, narrative essay, process essays etc. Whichever essay is written the style of English used for writing will differ from one part of the world to the other. When you are getting essay help, it is important that select a source that knows the difference between UK and American English. Below are a few differences that set UK writing apart of US English.

The omission of “U”
In the US it is standard that certain words are spelled in a different manner. For example; the word “savour” which is spelled thus in the UK will be spelled “savor” in the US. Another common word which is spelled minus the letter “u” is colour.

Some words which have the same meaning are spelled in a different manner in each country. For example; the word “doughnut” which is the British way of spelling is spelled “donut” in the US. To know more of the spelling differences it is recommended that a student go through an English dictionary such as the Oxford OED and Webster’s for American English.

Grammar is the way words are formed and spoken. The British way of speaking and the American way of speaking are different from each other. For example; “I’ve lost my shoe” would be the British way and “I lost my shoe” would be the American way.

The “-ize” vs “-ise”
The American way of writing the word “familiarize” is thus. But the British way is “familiarise”.

Neither way of writing is incorrect; however, each country will adhere to their own preferred style in essay writing. If you are a student in UK, then it is best to select a UK based writing service such as Coursework –writing as they will be fully conversant in writing custom essays UK style. Therefore, it is important for UK students to know that when hiring a professional writer for their customized essays, that the writer they hire understands these differences as well