Writing Friends Essay is Enjoyable

Write About how to Identify Your True Friends in your Friendship Essay

Friends Essay A Greek dramatist claimed “real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends”. This statement is one of the real tests of friendship. A person will only be able to differentiate his or her friends when he or she falls into hard times. This is an interesting essay opener that can be used in writing a friendship essay.

Friendship or friends is something no one can live without. We all need friends throughout our lives from childhood to old age. Friends keep us grounded, provide support when needed and are always there to listen to you and make you smile in times of trouble. Writing an essay on friendship will not only make you face the importance of friendship, but also will help you to recognize your true friends.

Characteristics of a Good Friend

What do you define as a good friend? What makes you a good friend? These are questions which you can raise and answer when writing your friendship essay on the characteristics of a good friend. You can provide insights into what a good friend you are and compare yourself with another. The style used to write a comparative essay should be used when writing the essay in this regard.

Types of Friendship

According to Aristotle, there are three different types of friendship. These are friendships of usefulness, friendships of pleasure and friendships of goodness. A friendship of usefulness is one which makes a person likable because this person is useful to someone. Friendships of pleasure are the friendships which are formed by two individuals due to the pleasure of such company. This can be friendship of two best friends, two lover, etc. This is a complex friendship as if the two friends share the same characteristics the friendship will last longer than that of ones who don’t. Friendship of goodness will be the true explanation of friends. These will be the ones who like you or someone for their good qualities and also support the friends in developing good and wholesome lives.

Importance of Friendship

Without friends how will we get through the bad times? Without friends how will we obtain straight opinions? Quoting the great philosopher Aristotle again said “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge….” Without good friends you will not be able to get through the curve balls that life throws your way. Therefore, friendship essay can discuss this element and use famous quotes by Aristotle to add credibility to their opinions on friendship.

A Friend Who Made an Impression

Many types of people come and go from our lives. These people become merely acquaintances or good friends. You can write a descriptive essay on a friend who made a great impact on you and changed your outlook on life and yourself. By elaborating on what made this person a good friend and the impression he or she made on you, and providing examples which will make the essay more enjoyable, will enable you to write an excellent essay.

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