Approaches to Writing Film Essay

Address all Aspects of a Film when writing a Film Essay

Film Essay Students doing film studies or media coursework will undoubtedly have to write essays based on certain films. These films can be documentaries or any type of film assigned by the tutors. Students may also be able to select a film they wish to write on. Writing an essay based on a film is tougher than watching one. There is so much involved in the process of making the film that the content will surpass any expectations. However, writing the film essay may not be a tough task if the proper pointers are observed.

Different Essay Types

There are few methods which can be used which will make the writing of the essay easier. These will include selecting a particular film to discuss, discussing different types of films, writing a comparison contrast essay between two or three films, etc. These essays can also be written in an analytical manner, where students will analyze and provide their overall impression on the film watched. It could also be written from a technical perspective where the student analyse the production aspects of the film. A film essay can include not only discussions of the films but also about the producer, the cast and the awards and accolads received. Provided below are some ways in which to approach the writing of the essay.

Differences between Non Fiction and Fiction Films

This method of writing the essay can be complex as it is a vast area. Therefore, students will have to select a non fiction and fictional film to write on. It is advised that students be very careful about the films they select as if the wrong films are selected they will find themselves with inadequate information to successfully write their movie essay on.

A Film Review Essay

Select a film which is interesting and well liked. It should also be one which has adequate information to write on. Begin by explaining the film, naming the actors and actresses, producers, directors etc. Provide a brief synopsis about the film and write your opinion on the film. Provide information on what sections of the film were your favourites and what made the biggest impact on you.

Evolution of Film Industry and Technology

Film has come a long way since it was first shown in 1896 in the United States. The essay can discuss the equipment used, the theatres etc. The essay can go on to discuss the acting abilities and the language used in films has changed as well. There are many films which are not suitable for the viewing of children even when rated PG. This aspect can be given prominence in your film essay.

People behind the Scenes

Most often people tend to forget the hundreds of people instrumental in making a film possible. There are the technicians, the artists, the make up artists, the camera boy, sound technicians are just some of these people. You can write an interesting essay from their perspectives as well.

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