Coming up with a Glamorous Fashion Essay

Fashion Essays can be written In Different Forms

One of the most enjoyable types of essays for many students is the writing of the fashion essay. Although interesting, it could prove to be a hard essays to write. After all, it is not only about a pretty dress or a fashionable trendy accessory that is covered by fashion. There are many more elements to this essay. However, as most students find fashion interesting, researching on the topic will be an interesting task. With effective writing techniques and an interesting essay topic, you too can produce a glamorous essay on this subject.

Topics for the Essay
This type of essay can consider many elements of fashion. If you are assigned a topic for the essay it will make things easy, but if not, there are many topics in which to write your essay on. For example, you can discuss the history of fashion and how it has evolved. Or you can write about a great fashion icon. Students will even be able to compare fashion in the sixties to fashion in the nineties and how the same fashions keep coming back. Fashion does not limit itself to clothing. It can also mean interior designs, art, etc Whichever topic selected keep in mind that you need to conduct thorough research to get your facts right.

Pre Writing
When you have come up with a good topic for your fashion essay, you need to decide how you will write it. Will you write your essay as an opinion essay or an informative essay? Or will it be a compare and contrast essay? A good thesis statement can only be built once you decide how to write the essay.

As an Opinion Essay
Fashion essays written as opinion essays will be written with your opinion intact. What is your opinion on how someone is dressed? What type of clothing do you think was suitable in the 1960s? How different cultures impact fashion trends and how international fashion trends are wide spread due to globalization are interesting issue to contemplate. Always remember that in order to provide credibility to your essay, you need to back your opinion with those of others’ who have had similar opinions.

As an Informative Essay
If you have decided to write your essay on fashion in an informative manner, then suitable essay topics should be chosen. History and evolution of fashion is one area. You can begin as far back as the 1800s and work your way to the 21st century. Provide information on the different types of clothing and accessories in women and men. The way in which the hat for example, has evolved or the skirts of women and how with each decade they get shorter and slimmer. Another suitable topic area for informative essays is the supply chain and various players in the fashion industry from the designers to the fabric companies. People can be surprised of how many people and processes are involved in producing a simple garment which we wear.

As a Comparison Essay
This is another option to write fashion essays. There are many different elements you can select in order to compare and contrast. You can compare shoes in the 1950s and shoes in the 1800s. Or you can compare Asian fashion with Western fashion. Then there are accessory trends in various ethnicities.

There are many more ways in which you can write the essay on fashion. If you apply yourself to the task, you will find that although challenging the essay is interesting. However, if you find this a tedious task or simply involved in other work and cannot find time for the task, then is there to help you. Specialized writers can aid students who need writing assistance with essays. This company hires only the best writers to write the essays and you are guaranteed that the essays done by them are 100% free of plagiarism.