Family Essay: A Topic Close to Anyone’s Heart

Writing Family Essays Will Educate you on the Importance of Family

Family is something which many of us cannot live without. Family, for many is the bond that holds people together. Everyone has their own opinion as to what a “real” family is. However, we all know that some families are happy and some are not so. Your family essay can spend its words by trying to define these elements. There are many aspects which you can consider when writing the essay as it is a topic which has a wide variety of possibilities. Therefore, we have provided you with some of the many ways in which you can approach your essay.

What is a Family?

The Oxford Reference dictionary refers to family as all the descendants of a common ancestor and a group of people related by blood or marriage. But there are other types of family. Types of plants and animals too are called family. Your essay can describe each element of family and what makes them who they are.

The Perfect Family

Everyone has dreams about what a perfect family should be. Family essays can examine ideas of two or more persons about what they consider a perfect family to be. You can either compare two friend’s families or compare your family to theirs and explain why you think their families are perfect and what makes them so.

Dysfunctional Family

Many students might find that they belong to this category of family at some point in their lives. Your family essay can discuss the reasons on why a family is dysfunctional or what can be done to avoid certain factors which contribute to a family becoming dysfunctional. Writing an essay on how to survive a family that is not normal will also be of value.

The Difference in Family in the Western and Asian Countries

There are vast differences where family is concerned between these countries. For example, in the Western countries once a person attains a certain age; they will go on to live independently. Their families are nuclear. In the Asian countries this is not so. Even after marriage, many families co exist together under one roof. These are extended families. Your essay can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these family systems.

Living in a Single Parent Family

With the rate of divorce increasing yearly, this topic is an excellent opportunity for you to educate others on how to grow and become better persons despite the lack of parents in the household. You can discuss on the repercussions of growing up with only one parent, be it good or bad.

Family essays, when assigned will bring about boredom for many students. They might feel that these essays are inconsequential. This is not so. There is so much one can learn from writing this essay. It will teach you about family values, relationships, and the importance of family etc.

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