Tips on Extended Essay Writing

Apply the Same Rules of Essay Writing when it Comes to Writing an Extended Essay

Extended EssayOne of the first things that students will look at when assigned the task of essay writing is the word limit on their essays. Most will heave sighs of relief if the word limit is five to seven hundred which makes it a short essay. Assigned with essays around 2500 words, most students struggle to plan the essay content as well as to maintain the cohesion in the essay. This type of essays which requires students to produce writing in the range of 2500-3000 words is termed as an extended essay. Let us take a closer look at what makes these essays different and how to write them.

Understanding the Essay

If you are a student doing the IB Diploma Programme, or pursuing a degree program, then this is a common academic essay assignment. The only difference in an essay of this type and a standard essay is the word limit. Therefore, the general principles of essay writing are still applicable for this essay. However, the main expectation of a lengthy essay of this nature is to provide an extensive review of pertinent literature, undertake deep analysis and make appropriate recommendations. Some of them may even call for the writer’s own primary research input in to the writing.

Tips on Writing the Essay

Many students are faced with fear when they are assigned this essay. Apart from the word limit they lack the knowledge of how to write an essay of this type. It should be kept in mind that the same rules of essay writing are applicable to that of all essay writing projects.

• You will need to select a good topic, which should be specific but not too narrow.
• This is an essay that definitely needs an essay outline. Without an outline, you will be susceptible to omissions, repetitions and loss of focus in the writing.
• Section the essay to meet the assessment guide, provided with the assignment. /Extended essays assignments generally comes with assessment or marking guide.
• Write the essay by incorporating theories, concepts and evidence drawn from reputed and well respected sources. This is critically important for this type of essays.
• Many students will find that the first draft of the essay will have more than the number of essay words required. This will have to be reduced to the number of words required. Keep in mind a good essay is one which adheres to the word limit by staying within its parameters. If you have to write a 1000 word essay, the essay should finish with 1000 words and not 1300.

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