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An Essay Writing Introduction to All Essay Writers

Essay Writing Introduction Essays are a part of every day academic life. Essays are assigned often in class and are accountable for a significant part of the overall grade. The frequent writing of essays not only improves students’ ability to write well but it also improves their critical thinking skills and research capabilities. As many students struggle with writing essays of high calibre, it is important that essay writing introduction is initially received from an expert source such as a tutor or a professional writing coach. Here are some of the key points that a student seeking and introduction to the process of essay writing needs to be aware of.

The Importance of the Topic

One of the most important features of the essay is the selection of a good topic. The entire essay centres on the topic and therefore without a good topic, your essay will struggle to establish its value to the reader. Therefore, students need to ensure that they select the best topic to write about. Bu the dilemma would be “what is the best topic?” There are many factors that contribute to a good topic and the main one is that you should find it interesting. It should also be relevant and interesting to the audience and must have sufficient information to be used in supporting the points being stated within the essay.

Conducting Research

Research is another element in the essay writing process which a good essay cannot do without. Once you have selected a good topic, you need to delve deeply in to the subject to discover important facts, related example, information that are novel etc. Such information should be gathered through researching into many different sources of information. Students can go through books, magazines, articles and of course, the World Wide Web to obtain information relevant to the essay topic.

Introduction, Body and Conclusion

What is an essay writing introduction without stating the importance of a good essay introduction? Any coursework writing assignment will require that a good introduction which will interest the reader is written at the beginning of the essay. The essay introduction should also include the thesis statement which will be established or elaborated upon within the body of the essay.

A standard five paragraph essay will consist of three body paragraphs. A more rudimentary 3 paragraph short essay has only one body paragraph. These paragraphs will provide the proof necessary to argue the relevance of the thesis statement. The most important fact should be included in the first paragraph and the least in the third paragraph.

Students who are good with writing any type of coursework from English coursework to geography coursework will know the importance of the conclusion. This section of the essay is what will signify the end of the essay. It should inform the readers that the argument or the theme point has been made.

Important Tips

The writing of essays requires the use of sources to back your theories or claims. These sources need to be acknowledged in the proper manner. This is done through citations. If the proper citations are not provided, students run the risk of being accused of plagiarised work. Another element to consider is the adherence to format. Every academic organization has prescribed formats which need to be used. Make sure that you are using the right format.

Now that you have a proper essay writing introduction, you will be able to take these tips to heart when writing and submit a well written essay which adheres to the rules of essay writing.

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