Tips to Write Different Essay Types

Students Should Master the Skills of Writing Various Essay Types

EssaY TypesAn essay can be defined as a short and a precise write up based on a particular topic. Essays are written for many purposes. People would write for fun, for academic purposes or to make money. Students will be requested to write essays in middle school, high school and colleges. Undergraduates and even doctoral students will have to write research essays calls for mastery of different essay types.

Purpose of Different Essay Types

There are many essay types and each one is suitable for a different purpose. For some essay topics, a particular essay type is the most appropriate while some topics cannot be written in certain essay forms. Purpose of the essay can range from informing to arguing, persuading, narrating, discussing, categorizing etc.

Persuasive essay Writing

Persuasive essay is primarily focuses on persuading the reader. Here the writer should take a stand on the argument and should write with the purpose of convincing the reader. Proper supporting evidence and examples should be quoted to create confidence in your persuasion. For instance you can write an essay on benefits of using a hybrid vehicle supported by facts and figures on emission differences of a normal fuel combustion vehicle vs., a hybrid.

Descriptive Essay Writing

This essay should describe the subject under discussion in vivid and colourful manner. Here the writer will answer all the “What questions” related to the topic. For example, you can write an essay on my ride in a ‘BMW car’. Here you have to explain the design, the series, colour and the driving experience among many more things that can paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. Ample use of sensory verbs to describe the matter is most important.

Classification Essay Writing

Here the essay writer is expected to write an essay by grouping things to categories based on a number of dimensions. You can write a classification essay on ‘people from different nations’. For example you can classify them based on their demographics such as age groups, gender, income levels etc.

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

Here the writer has to write the similarities and the differences of the two variables. You can write an essay on ‘country life and city life’. You should write the similarities and the differences between these life styles based on number of relevant dimensions. For instance, you may choose to compare and contrast the city and country life based on food habits, convenience, phase of life and quality of life.

Other Essay Writing Types

In addition to the above described essay styles, students can also write on the following essay types. They are cause and effect essays, narrative essays, argument essays, definition essays, research essays, process essays, thesis essays etc.

To write different styles of essays, the essay writer would master precise skills relevant to the essay type apart from the basic essay writing skills. As per the essay writing norm the essay should include a thesis statement and a proper structure. The essay should be formatted as per the required essay format such as APA, MLA or Chicago. If you are finding it hard to acquire these varying skills related to different essay types, then you may consider enlisting essay writing services from We are pioneers in providing academic essay writing help to students world over.