Understand the Text before Selecting the Essay Theme

Essay ThemeThe Essay Theme Should Run Through the Entire Essay

Simply writing an essay will not make it a successful one. An essay is like playing the piano. You need to know exactly what the notes are and how to press each key right in order for the music to come out right. Similarly, an essay too, has certain elements which need to be adhered to in order to ensure a good grade. One of the main elements to be considered is the essay theme.

Understanding What a Theme of the Essay Is

A theme is the main idea of the text. For instance, if students are assigned to write a Shakespeare essay such as Romeo and Juliet, you will have to understand what the main idea in the play is. Is it revenge, love or betrayal? Some literature has many themes while others are centred on one or two. In some literature it is easy to identify what the themes are while others are more complex. For example, in the novel Pride and Prejudice, the novel revolves on pride and prejudice which makes it easy for the essay writer to identify the themes and write their essay. But in a novel such as The Stranger, there are many underlying issues surrounding the central theme which has to be pride out.

Selecting the Theme

Themes are often assigned to students. However, if not, they will have to firstly, figure out what the purpose of the essay is. Is it to persuade or explain? One important element to keep in mind is that selection of controversial essay themes will lead to more challenging work. Often the selection of controversial themes makes the process of writing an essay a complicated task for novices. Therefore, unless you have specifically been advised to address a controversial issue, steering clear of them can make the essay writing more manageable. The theme selected should be interesting to the writer and he or she should be passionate about it. This enables the writer to do a good job with the essay theme.

Incorporating the Theme to the Writing

Once a good theme is selected, it should be woven in to the entire writing. This can be achieved through interlinkages and transition sentences. The flow of the argument must refer back to the central theme regularly so that the theme remains fresh in the mind of reader. A theme can be comprehensively established with proper data and evidence. Therefore, research is important to write an essay well.

Identifying Themes in Works of Literature

It is common for students to receive assignments that prompt them to identify and discuss themes in various works of literature. Below are some texts which provide you with a good theme for analysis and interpretation.

• Hamlet – Revenge
• Romeo and Juliet – all humans have the same needs including love and family
• Huckleberry Fin – coming of age
• Jane Eyre – Family, religion and social status
• Gone with the Wind – overcoming adversity
• Macbeth – Good versus evil
• The Kite Runner – Betrayal, honour, loyalty

Most often, you may identify few themes within the text, running parallel to the central theme. In some texts, multiple themes receive the same amount of prominence. This may make the writing easier. If you have problems selecting a good essay theme and need assistance, a good essay writing service will be able to help you.

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