Some Frequently Asked Essay Questions

Clarifying Your Essay Questions Can Lay the Foundation for Quality Essay Writing

It is common for students to ask questions when assigned essays for writing. For students who are unfamiliar with the task of essay writing, asking questions is a way to surmount it. All human are born to question. Therefore, why not question the assignment? There are essay questions which are asked frequently by students when assigned their essays. Below is a list of common questions regarding essays which are often asked by students.

How to select a good essay topic?
Topics are often assigned to students. However, there are some instances when this is not so. The professor in charge of the class might assist the students on topic selection by providing topic ideas. Selection of good essay topics is up to the student. Use brainstorming techniques to come up with interesting ideas.

How to conduct research on my essay?
Researching for modern day students is much easier than that of students in the past. A vast amount of information is available to students through the World Wide Web. This means less time traveling to libraries and other places in order to obtain information. However, it is important to ensure that the information acquired from the online sources is 100% original. Refer to academic journals and databases containing dissertations and other reliable sources of information.

What is the structure of my essay?
A standard essay will have an essay introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction will be one paragraph long with the thesis statement. The body of the essay will often consist of three or more paragraphs depending on the information being presented. The conclusion will signify the end of the essay to the reader.

What is the length of my essay?
The length of the essay will be set by the tutor. Some essays are short essays of 500-1000 words while others are longer and extended. Assignment instructions usually come with a word limit indication.

How do I format my essay?
Essays can be formatted as per a specified style. Students doing any form of coursework writing will have to ensure that the correct essay format is adhered to. There are four common formatting systems as APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. Gaining a proper understanding of the requirements of these styles will be beneficial to the student.

How to write my essay?
This is again a common essay question. Writing the essay will not be a challenging task once the key issues are clarified. Students should apply writing techniques such as brainstorming, free writing and outlining in order to compose creative, logical and well written essays.

Essay questions are a part of learning process involved in writing good essays. By asking questions regarding the essay assignment the student will gain better insight in to how professional writers produce quality essays. If writing your own essay is still an issue, seek essay help. is an essay writing service which offers students numerous writing services. If you require any assistance with your essays the professionals at will provide services that are of benchmark quality.