Advantages and Disadvantages of Essay PDF

Essay PDF is a Safe and Professional Format to Upload Scholarly Documents

Essay PDF Almost every search engine from Google to Yahoo has files in the PDF format. Have you ever wondered why it is in this format? The PDF format or the Portable Document Format is used to enable students or any person viewing files of a large calibre to be downloaded easily. The PDF file regardless of what type of computer or printer used will remain the same. For example, any fonts, images or graphics regardless of the software used to create it will remain the same with the PDF format. This format was created by Adobe Systems in 1993 and the Adobe Reader software has to be installed properly in order for you to view it. But do you know how to upload an essay PDF and the advantages and disadvantages of this format?

Uploading an Essay in PDF

Uploading an essay PDF is an easy task as most information is provided online and it is fairly straightforward. Converting any type of Word document from narrative essay documents to PhD coursework documents to PDF does not require you to install expensive software. There are other methods to do this. As an example, Google’s Docs and Spreadsheets allow you to copy your document in to PDF with all the original features of the essay intact. For instance, if your essay was written to be published in a journal and has a layout with columns, then the PDF file will retail these in same way. By browsing for the document and entering the file you wish to upload and clicking on the “upload” button you will be automatically taken to a section where you may be able to edit the essay. If no editing is necessary, you can simply follow directions and your document will be uploaded as a PDF document.

Advantages of PDF

There are many advantages to you uploading to PDF form. Among these are;

• Firstly, the most important element is that it is easy. With a few simple clicks of the mouse you will have your essays PDF.

• PDF also has many features which allow you to secure it from prying eyes. Watermarks and passwords are some of these features. Depending on the importance of the document –for example doctoral dissertations – you can select any method to ensure safety and safeguard against cutting and pasting of material.

• It can be viewed on any computer regardless of hardware or operating system used without any change to the document.

Disadvantages of PDF

Every type of software or hardware has its advantages and disadvantages. Below are some disadvantages of the PDF documentation.

• Essay PDF make it impossible to edit once in the format. As an example, if you are still working on the essay and you save it on PDF format, editing will not be possible. Therefore, it is beneficial if you save your essay in another format which is easy to edit before saving onto PDF.

• It takes longer to download files in PDF format. Also without Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will not be able to read an essay in the PDF format.

• While lot of people may think PDF files are safe from being copied from, there are software now developed that can convert a PDF file to word format in a nick of time.

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