Writing an Essay on Love: A Topic close to Our Hearts

Essay on Love Help us Clarify Our Definition of What Love is

Essay on Love 

The famous writer William Shakespeare once said “They do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love.” Love is an emotion which we all experience at some point in our lives. There are various types of love. These can be platonic love, sexual love, passionate love, romantic love, puppy love etc. Each of these types invokes great emotional feelings in us. Your essay on love can discuss any type of love or the great euphoria one experience when in love. If not, you can even write about woes and miseries of those who lose their loved ones.

Writing love essays is not as easy as expected. Like the feeling, it requires great thought and consideration into the matter. To make it an easier task for you, here are a few methods of writing your love essays.

Love is Blind

Your essay on love can address this fact and obtain evidence to back your claim. Why do you think love is blind? What makes it so? If you have any personal experience to add to this concept feel free to do so as it will add spice to the essay which will bring about a good grade. Many people have walked in to relationships with their eyes closed to reality. No matter how many times they are told that the person they love is not a suitable match or of bad character they will blindly follow the lead of their emotions. Argue or give you opinion on this subject and tell what you believe is the right thing to do.

Defining Love

How does one define love to begin writing an essay on it? Is it the feeling of peace which comes over you when you know you are loved or the all encompassing feeling of jealousy which proclaims you are in love? You will be able to write your essay in an opinionated manner where you provide your definition of love. However, you need to back it up with definitions of others too to add credibility to your claim.

Examination of Love Using a Particular Text

Essays on love can be written using certain texts written by famous authors. This can be a poem by Robert Frost called “Love and a Question”. Or it can be an eternal love story like “Romeo and Juliet”. There are many more texts which you can use to write your love essay.

Love in Different Eras

Love during the Shakespearean era is different to the love in the millennium. This can be your essay starter. You will have to explain why you believe love in the 1500s is different and provide examples through the use of Shakespeare. You will also be able to write a comparison essay on the similarities and differences of love in these two eras.

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