Writing an Eloquent Essay on English

The Essay on English Should Demonstrate Language Skills

An Essay on English English is a universal language. It is a language which can be used to communicate with just about anyone in the world. There are very few countries that do not understand the English language. Given such familiarity with the language, even the foreign students managed writing an essay on English and its merits with a certain amount of ease.

The Origin of English

English actually began with the invasion of Britain by three Germanic tribes in the 5th century AD. The tribes included the Saxons, Jutes and the Angles. As the Angles came from a country called the England their language was called Englisc. This later changed to the word English. However, this “English” was referred to as “Old English” and is nowhere close to the English spoken in the present day. Although the old English is still somewhat indecipherable, most of the words spoken in the present day have the roots of old English. Tracing back to the roots of the language is certainly an interesting way of writing the essay. However, students must ensure that the information obtained is accurate.

Evolving of the English Language

Writing the essay in this manner is quite similar to that of writing about the origin of the English language. However, if you take this approach, then you will be able to write essay about the words used in old English and how they have evolved over time to what it is today. English, although it began from the Anglo-Saxons, has changed hands many times over. It is a mixture of Germany, Holland, Denmark and lastly France. Therefore, it can be safely surmised that English has absorbed vocabularies from a huge number of sources.

The Ability Communicate

An essay on English can also cover the topic of communication. The ability to pass information on to another through a certain avenue of media or any other aspect is known as communication. As English is a universal language, anyone who is adept at it will be able to communicate effectively anywhere in the world. The English language gained its popularity in the 1900s due to the amount of English movies and other means of mass media. Therefore, it can be safely surmised that if you have even an average ability to speak English, you will be able to communicate your wishes.

Writing the Essay

Students can refer to various essay examples to gather some ideas for the essay. You will be surprised at the wealth of information you will find through essays online. The information required to write the essay too, can be found through this medium.

All academic essays require students to provide accurate and up to date information, as well as adhere to writing requirements. Therefore, students should ensure that they follow these requirements strictly when writing their essay on English as well. Finally, since this essay pertains to a language, demonstrating how well you can manipulate it to express your ideas will be important.

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