Different Uses of an Essay Letter

Using the Essay Letter Style for Creative Writing Assignments

Essay Letter
Creative writing assignments allow you to be just that. You are allowed and expected to be imaginative and original in the way you express yourself. Within such freedom, you may choose to experiment with new styles of writing such as an essay letter. Some of the famous literature is based on writings which are presented in letter style. The letter format is infact quite flexible and versatile. It can be applied to many types of essays. Let us explore the use of a letter format in writing.

A letter of Love

You may choose to write your Love essay in this format. You can write to someone, depending on the type of love you choose to discuss within your essay and present your ideas of love. The letter can be creatively used to express one’s opinion on the subject. It can also be a narration or a description of what love feels. An essay on love can be creatively executed in letter format where a series of letters are written on different phases of love. Writer must choose an eloquent language style that suits the creative elements in the subject.

A letter for Employment

Formal letters like employment letters, resume letters, admission letters can also fall under essay letters when it comes to some type of course modules. In this scenario, the official format of letter writing which includes sender’s address with his full name in the top right hand side with the writing date must be there accompanied with receiver’s name and address. Other elements of a formal letter include the salutation, the subject heading and letter content.

An autobiographical Essay Letter

If you have been assigned to write an autobiographical essay, then you may choose to write it as a letter to someone or to an audience at large. An essay of this nature can use a narrative essay writing style to make the reading easy and enjoyable. The details should impart points from the writer’s life that is interesting and impactful. If the life cycle that is pointing out from the essay letter is to board, the most important and influencing stages should be probed out. An illuminating autobiography will talk about the turning points of the writer’s life. A 5 paragraph essay including introduction and conclusion will be the proper length for an essay of this nature. Conclusion should be an essence of the biography summarizing the most important details. A line of thanks and writer`s name with his sign to the right corner is essential conclude any letter.

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