Taking Part in an Essay Competition

Showcase Your Writing Prowess in an Essay Competition

Essay Competition

There are numerous essay competitions open to different categories of participants. But in general, most are open for students who can show case their talents and writing skills. These competitions are instrumental in raising awareness of surroundings and macro level social issues. These are ideal opportunities for students to expand their knowledge of a particular topic and expose their talents to the world. An essay competition will also educate others on the viewpoints of thousands of students the world over on one given topic. Although an essay contest will provide students with the ability to show case their writing prowess, there are added benefits to the winners in the form of gifts, certificates and cash prizes. Some contests award up to $10000 worth of prize money while in general many contests carry around $1000 winnings. This will provide the students a much needed motivation to take part and do their best.

Types of Competitions

There are hundreds of essay competitions which students can take part in depending on their abilities of writing. The most common competition is the World Bank Essay Competition. This competition is an important one as the topics which are provided will open the eyes of the students to such issues as global warming, youth unemployment, poverty in the third world etc. Another type of competition is the Commonwealth Essay Competition. This is considered the world’s oldest and largest essay competition as it has been running for over a 100 years. This competition encourages students to discuss and write on topics which are important to them. This year’s themes will be based on science, technology and society based topics. Many more essay contests are available and now they are easily assessable via the internet.

Criteria to be Considered

All essay competitions have criteria which ensure that no person other than who is specified enters the contest. When you select a competition for entering, you have to ensure that you fit the criteria. These include, age requirements, language capabilities, level of writing, and the ability to write to the specified number of words etc. These criteria need to be given special attention as any student found not fitting the criteria will be instantly disqualified. The essays submitted too, will have to follow specific instructions. These include, formatting requirements, word limits, and sound knowledge of the topics etc. You should practice your essay writing so that a perfect essay can be submitted for the competition.

Entering the Competition

Each competition has the specific number of essays a participant can enter and how it should be done. This needs to be given consideration when entering the competition. While some contests will allow you to enter two or three essays, another contest will allow only one. Once a good essay has been written the teachers will asses which essay should be entered in the competition. Some competitions will allow the students to enter on their own while some others will stipulate that the essays should be submitted via the school or college. These rules need to be observed stringently.

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