Selecting an Essay Character to Write On

Select an Interesting Essay Character Who You Can Identify With to Write Your Essay

Essay Character Writing essays based on specific characters is a common assignment. This is especially true for students doing literature course studies. They will be assigned the reading of a particular text and then, will have to analyze or describe in essay form, a character based on the text. The ability to write a good essay character will inform the professor or teacher that the student has not only read and understood the text, but also has the ability to write a cohesive essay about the character as well.

Features of a Good Character

The first element to write a good character essay is to select an interesting character to write about. Even the most mediocre books can have at least one character that will interest you. Often it is difficult for students to decide which character they should base their essays on. In this instance, they should understand how they should select the character to write about. For example, if the writer feels empathy and can identify with one person in the text, he or she should select this person to write their essays on.

Explore the Character in your Mind

Ones the person that you wish to write about has been selected, you should pen down the main attributes and characteristics of this person. Is this character a good person, or bad? What is the character’s purpose in the text? Can the character be defined easily and how will you do this in a manner which will influence the readers? These are some of the questions which you should consider when you have selected an essay character to write about.

Writing the Essay in Different Ways

Most often this type of essay cab be written as an analysis essay. How do we analyze people? This can be done by watching their actions, analysing their ideas, their mannerisms, their ideas and then drawing conclusions on their character. Trying to understand what makes them who they are is also important part of the character analysis. Hence, attention should be given to the background, family upbringing and social environment of the character as well. This will provide students the basis for interpreting the character in depth and identify some of the unobtrusive nuances being portrayed by the essay.

The essay should include a description of who the character is. Was he/she good looking? This has been known to change the outcome of most stories. Often, the character actions and behaviour justifiable based on gender differences, ages and the life circumstances. Therefore, keep in mind to provide clean and vivid descriptions of the character to the readers to portray the picture of the character in their minds. Use the same method as that of a description essay, and you will be able to do this with ease.

This essay can be written as an opinion essay as well as a comparison essay. If writing as an opinion essay, you will be able to provide your opinion on how the character could have been done things differently which would have improved the story considerably. If writing as a comparison essay, you will be able to do so by selecting a non fictitious figure and comparing the fictitious character’s traits to that person.

Getting help With Your Essay

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