Essay Books vs. Online Referencing

An Essay Book Can Provide High Quality Essay Samples to Students

The writing of essays is not a simple task. Especially for the students who are new to it or who are not proficient with essay writing. Yet many students prefer to write their essays on their own without obtaining help from a professional writer. These students may refer to sample essays and writing guides to write their essays. One way of obtaining information on how to write their essays come from essay books.

Before the time where online information was freely available and before the internet or computers were widely used by students, essays that were written well and conformed to all the rules of essay writing were bound and made into books as reference collections. The essays were categorised according to type and topics and students had to go through these books to find essays they could refer to as a guideline. For example if you were writing a controversial essay and required the format and style of writing one, you could greatly benefit from a sample essay in an essay book. Although it was a time consuming task, the work was accurate as only professional writers’ essays were published. Therefore, sampling these essays provided accurate insight in to the styles and techniques of writing as well as formatting and structuring.

With the onset of the IT era, the referring to these books is at its minimum. Online referencing is less time consuming and as a result many students opt for this option. Although there are many online writing services which provide students with accurate information for referencing, there are many that do not adhere to this. However, with a published book of essay, this is not the case.

Benefits of the Books

The same type of assistance is gained from essay books as you would gain online. Students are able to learn how to format their essays according to specification as there will be many essays written accordingly, find good topic ideas, research information etc. Students will also learn how to structure their essay properly through these books as well. With the help of these books, students can further educate themselves on the different writing styles of different essays. There are many benefits to these books; the only concern is the time it takes referring these books. But as the essays are written by professionals this will be worth the time taken. Since these books are in hard format and not in digital format as in the internet samples, students also don’t fall pray to the temptation of cutting and pasting others work but just read and gain ideas from the book.

Where to Find the Books

The most common place for books on essays is the school library or your town library. There is a special section of the library intended for this purpose and students only need to speak to the respective librarian to find out where to locate these books. If you locate a suitable essay book, you will find that you will be able to gather the same amount of information which you could obtain online as well.

The decision of whether you should use these books or go online is up to you. If you know how to select good samples of essays online you should go ahead and refer online information. If not, going through these books are recommended. is a company which provides students original, 100% accurate, well written essays. With the professionals at our company you are assured the assistance received will bring you a good grade.