Guidelines to Write an Impressive Essay about Life

Essays about life Should Incorporate Imperative and Unforgettable Incidents of Life

Essay About LifeLife is a gift from God but it is not a bed of roses. Life has its ups and downs. Some are happy with their lives while some would deeply grumble about various difficulties. But in reality life is a challenge and we have to face it with determination and grace. Tom Head, an eminent writer and a scholar of humanities, says life will be meaningless only if we allow it to be. Each of us has the power to give life a meaning, to make our time, our bodies and our words into instruments of love, hope and achievement. This can be a good essay starter for your life essay.

Essay Perspectives

Students have few optional approaches in writing essays about life. You can choose to write it on yourself as a narration or on someone else as an informative essay. Similarly the essay can be written about life in general. However the method should be interesting enough to the readers.

• Essay about your life- Students can write about their life. Usually students will be delighted to write on this topic. They will have to simply write about their life history and the unforgettable moments in life. You can also write about your future goals and the objectives you have set for life, which is similar to what you may write in a goal essay.

• Essay about someone else’s life- Alternatively students can write about some one else’s life. The selection of a particular person would depend on the student’s preferences. Students can write about their parents, friends, teachers, actors, role models and about a celebrity too. This type of an essay can be written as success essays too.

• Essay on life in general – Here the focus shifts and writer can write on meaning of life, and how life changes and alters from each phase of its journey from childhood to old age or what life means to different people. Writer can incorporate his or her own views and opinions of life and values of life etc. in to this type of an essay.

Essay Topics on Life

A good, essay topic will make an essay lively. If you have not been assigned a specific topic to write the essay about life you will not have much of a choice than to adhere to it. However, if the choice is yours, then there is ample prospects to choose from. According to the assigned type of life essay, you can choose an appropriate topic. Following are just few topics to write a good essay on:
 Ups and Downs of My life
 Unforgettable moments in my life
 Life of Mother Theresa
 Barrack Obama’s life story
 Do we have a say over lives of others?
 How meaning of life dawned upon me.

Tops on Essay Contents

Immaterial of the essay perspectives, essays about life should be organised logically. The essay should start with an introduction, and followed by the body and conclusion. Depending on the essay type, you may write abut the progression of life from childhood to current stage and beyond. If you are writing of another person’s life, then it is important to include the reasons why you chose to talk about this person. May be you are inspired by this personality or the person’s life story may be shocking and controversial. On some persons, you may provide first hand information while on celebrity type personalities; you may have to derive information from secondary sources. Important incidents and experiences, fame gained through achievements and the qualities that may have contributed to the person’s success should be addressed in the essay. Iinformation should be drawn from many sources such as biographies, books, interviews, magazines and web sources in writing an essay on life. If the person has passed away information pertaining to the cause of death, funeral and the dates should be included accordingly.

Writing an essay about life will be difficult task and this will require extensive researching particularly if you writing of another person’s life and his/her history. You may face yourself fighting against a looming deadline. If you feel you need to enlist essay writing help, contact where top class writers will be at hand t assist you with any type of essays.