Writing an Informative Environmental Essay

Profess Concern for the Human Race in an Environment EssayEnvironmental Essay There are many issues regarding the environment in the world today. The most important and the most dangerous one is global warming. As this is the most pressing issue in the present day, most students will concentrate on this aspect when writing the environment essay. However, there are many areas of concerns from preserving environment to the damage the humans are inflicting on it.

What is Environment?

We all need to know what environment is before we sit down to writing an essay about it. It will be a pointless task to write about the harm done to the environment and how to stop this from happening if you have no idea what consists of the environment. The environment can encompass everything around us which is required for our existence. Therefore, in order to thrive, we need to ensure that our environment is a good one.

How Humans Destroy the Environment

Our environment is being destroyed as we speak. This could be through mass consumption of depleting resources, water wastage, environmental pollution and overpopulation. This is all done by us humans. We consume more than we should, waste more than we should and pollute and overpopulate the world more than we should. We also fail to take responsibility for these acts. Is this ignorance or lack of care? Do we really not care about our future generation and how they will survive? This is one method of writing an opinion essay on the issue of environment.

Humans and the Environment

Our lives are interlinked and totally dependent on our surroundings. Humans usually adapt to their environment. If not they will try and change the environment to suit them, therein destroying it. Could this be stopped? It is doubtful. Asking humans to adapt and not change the environment in the modern times is almost a senseless plea. But many cultures and religions preach this in the East where, being in harmony with the nature is a priority of life. This attitude can be taken and a good environment essay can be written as a result.

Causes and Effects of Environment Destruction

A good cause and effect essay can be written on the reasons behind environment destruction and the effects from it. These can include factories emitting carbon dioxide which in turn affects the ozone layer, the destruction of rainforests which in turn plays havoc with the eco system, over fishing which affects in the loss of marine life and damaging the marine eco system etc. There are many causes for environmental destruction and it is all caused by man. By writing your essay in a cause and effect manner, the reader can be awakened to the repercussions of some acts which are done unintentionally.

Protecting the Environment by Finding a Solution

What is the solution for environment destruction? This method of writing can be done as a solution essay. You will be required to find suitable and valid solutions to stop environmental destruction. This will require you to go through much information in order to provide valid solutions to a problem which is getting larger and more significant by the hour.

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