Clearly Link the Causes in an Effect Essay

Provide a Brief Description of the Causes First When Writing an Effects Essay

Effect Essay
Every situation has a cause and an effect. Sometimes the effects are for the better and sometimes they are not. However, when assigned to write the effects essay, you cannot do so without including the causes first. To discuss the effects of Global Warming for example, writer needs to provide a basic outline of the causes first. This will lay the foundation for an interesting beginning to the essay. Although a fairly easy essay to write, a good topic is essential to obtain the reader’s interest. Provided below are some options.

Divorce and it’s Effects

It is a common occurrence in the present day for many couples to divorce. Marriage is no longer an act which means “in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer.” The repercussions and effects of divorce can be felt by not only the two partners but the family members involved. The effects of divorce on children are one aspect to discuss. Children suffer the most when their parents divorce. Therefore, one method of writing this essay can be through the eyes of a child. Or it can be written as the effects the divorce will have on each partner.

Pollution and it’s Effects

Pollution is a vast topic area. Therefore, it should be narrowed down to the three components of air, water and land and focused on one aspect in depth. If discussing air pollution, students should provide a brief detail on the causes of pollution and provide in depth details on its effects. Effects can include, health related problems, noxious fume fogs, acid rains, Green House gas build up, respiratory illnesses, allergies, lower quality of life etc. Once again, it should be kept in mind that unlike writing a cause and effect essay, the causes of the effects essay should be kept to a minimum while the effects being elaborated on.

Cheating, Plagiarizing and its Effects

One of the most common ways of cheating when in high school and college is plagiarizing. Essay assignments need to be completed on time and many students will find themselves knowingly or unknowingly plagiarising other people’s work. It is very easy for students to plagiarize as there are many essays online which they will be able to obtain and copy. If found out, however, the effects or repercussions for students can be dire.

As seen above, there are many ways in which the effects essay can be written. All that is necessary is to find a good topic, research thoroughly on it, and write in the best manner possible. It should be mentioned that adherence to format and structure should be kept in mind in order to execute a perfect essay.

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