Educate Yourself on Different Types of Essays

Knowing the Differences between Types of Essays Help You Write Effectively

Essay writing is an integral part of education and the most common form of coursework assignment. When you are asked to write an essay, it can be written in different ways as there are different types of essays. Some of the coursework will state what type to be used in writing the assignment but mostly there is a choice for the student. For example if you were given a topic like “Environmental Pollution”, the essay can be written in various forms. Let us gain an understanding of how this topic can be handled differently as per the essay type.

Argument Essay: “Environment pollution is detrimental to both man, land, animal and plant life. The pollution that takes various forms can damage the eco system, create greenhouse gas, damage the ozone layer and create many other climatic changes.” Here the essay writer take a cleat position and ague his point backed by evidence cited from well respected and reliable sources.

Cause & Effect Essay: “Environmental Pollution taken many forms. It can be in the form of noise, emissions, littering with dirt and debris, polluting water ways etc. The consequences of such action are common to whole mankind and not only to the current generation but for future generations too. The detrimental effects of environmental pollution can be seen in droughts, epidemics, melting of polar ice caps and increase in sea levels and numerous more detrimental results.” By highlighting the results of an action, the reader can be educated and prompted to change their own ways and course of actions.

Opinion Essay: In this type of essay writing, the author provides his or her own opinion on the subject. It does not need to comply with the existing opinions. For example, you may state that there should be stricter regulations and punishments for offenders of environmental pollution. It can be your opinion that this should be a crime punishable by imprisonment. Such a strict stance may prompt people to take note of the matter more seriously and even educate the younger generation of the repercussions which are directly related to them by law.

Expository Essay: These essays are similar to informative essays. They provide other people’s ideas and information on the subject without citing own view point on the matter. Information is presented in detail. When a Global Warming essay is written in this form, you can bring in lot of facts and figures such as emission levels and how much noxious gasses are emitted by one vehicle alone! The point here is to increase the knowledge of the reader significantly and therefore all the new and up-to-date information should be contained in your essay.

While there are many other types of essays, above is merely an example of the same topic can be written differently by making use of different essay types. Therefore a good knowledge of these essay variants will make your writing more versatile and interesting. It will also showcase your writing prowess.