Writing an Impressive Economic Essay

Scrupulous Understanding of the Subject Is Crucial For Economic Essays

Students who select management subjects or otherwise under graduates who are specializing in economics will be demanded to write economic essays. Since this is a dynamic subject matter which is closely related to individuals’ day to day life students who select other subjects will also be required to write essays in this topic. Therefore, knowing how to write an essay on economics will be crucial to any student.

Writing Methods
Micro, macro and managerial economics literature and issues should be taken under discussion in an essay on economics. According to the assignment requirements, you have to select one or a mixture of the above stated topic areas and write accordingly. The writers have to decide what to write. As this subject contains many theories you should incorporate the theory and relate the theory to applications to make it more illustrative to a laymen reader that does not understand the theories alone.

Key Content for Essays
Generally, economics revolves around few fundamental concepts. Such fundamental economic concepts as scarcity, alternative use of resources, opportunity cost, factors of production, competitive advantages, physical and monetary policy should be explained essentially in an economic essay.

Micro economics focuses the individual decision making and the processes. In micro economic essay content you should include price mechanism, demand supply functions, the human needs and their nature which influence the elasticity of demands and supply, cost structures in the shot and in the long run etc. In contrast macro economics focuses the total behaviour of the total economy of a nation. Trends in price levels, inflation, employment, economic growth, development, fiscal, monetary policies, national out put and the calculation methods should be analyzed in such essays which relate to macro economics.

Prominent economists such as Keynes, Lionel Robinson, Paul Samuelson, Jack Harvey, Fisher and many others’s books will give an idea and assistance to the student in coming up with eminent economic essays. The content you cite from these books should be properly references as per appropriate reference systems. It is further recommended that you refer to economic reviews and management periodicals and journals for reliable and informative economic content to be included in your essays.

Tips to remember:-
1. Pre planning and diligent researching is vital.
2. Present each point in different paragraphs to avoid confusion and disorganised writing.
3. Due concern should be paid to the terminology used. Technical words should be used and it’s worth while to avoid flowery expressions since it not a literature essay.
4. It’s better to quote the illustrations and related facts. If you are speaking about inflation do not hesitate to write the inflationary percentages and present a graph showing the inflationary trends. These simple things would be the high scoring factors.
5. As normal essay writing, the assay should start with an introduction then the content and finally a conclusion should be written.

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