A Dissertation Proposal: Starting Point of a Dissertation Study

Writing a Convincing Dissertation Proposal is a Prerequisite for Scholarly Performance

Degrees are an important aspect of students’ lives. It is an advantage to have a degree for future career prospects as well as to further a one’s scholarly knowledge. As part of the degree process students are required to write dissertations. Writing dissertations is a long and tiresome process. Writing skills and techniques acquired through essay writing training which was done in high school and college comes in handy for the students at this stage. However, dissertation writing is requires much more in depth analysis and research. Before proceeding with the dissertation, students have to submit the dissertation proposal. To excel at the dissertation writing process, it is important to produce a well written proposal. Let us examine the importance of the proposal and its purpose. Don’t overload your chemistry coursework with minor details

The Proposal
The proposal for the dissertation is a 20 to 40 page document which states the students’ intentions on a proposed research project. It is presented to a dissertation committee and they will decide if the field of study stated by the student is worthy of research. If written well, the proposal will convince the Committee that the topic selected by the student is worthy of investigating and the student is capable of conducting research on it. For further conviction, it should be written stating that your dissertation project is unique as similar research has not been conducted. This has to be done using a literature analysis and this will provide a proper rationale for you to proceed with the dissertation study.

Main Elements of the Proposal
A dissertation proposal, in order to capture the attention of the reader should include the following elements;

• A clear statement of what the dissertation is all about. This is done in the introductory section of the proposal.

• It should state the . This can be done at the end of the introduction or in the literature review section of the dissertation. dissertation questions

• Dissertation objectives must be clearly stated.

• The context within which the study is to take place and relevance of the study should be stated.

• The methodology should be clearly stated. How will you conduct the research? What methods will you utilize to conduct the research? These are some of the questions which should be answered in the dissertation methodology section of the proposal.

• Offer brief outline of the organization of the dissertation and the possible date of completion. Never rely on unconfirmed facts when writing your ICT coursework.

Importance of a Well Written Proposal
The importance of a well written proposal cannot be underestimated. The whole dissertation writing process relies on the proposal being written in the proper manner in order to receive the approval by the Dissertation Committee. Without the approval of the Committee you will not be able to continue with your dissertation. The abovementioned elements should be clearly presented so that your dissertation proposal will be considered as well written. It should also adhere to certain format requirements, structuring etc.

Your dissertation proposal is important for you to obtain your degree. Therefore, great effort and time should be put in to writing the proposal. If you are at sea regarding Macbeth coursework writing – order a custom paper from us!

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