Tips and Guidelines on Discursive Essay Writing

Understand the Different Ways of Writing Discursive Essays

Professors and tutors prefer essays as the main mode of evaluating students. This is why it happens to be the most repeated form of assignment writing. This is a fact of student life despite the fact that students are not so keen on this choice of assessment. What students fail to recognize in these essay writing assignments is that with the writing of essays students become proficient at expressing themselves eloquently on paper and also expand their knowledge base. They get groomed towards handling more complex writing assignments such as dissertations or research papers competently in future. Among the many types of essays assigned would be the writing of the discursive essay.

Defining the Meaning

What is discursive writing? When writing this essay, students will select any controversial topic and try and represent both sides of the topic as eloquently as possible. This essay is assigned to students as a form of evaluation by tutors and professors to assess whether the students have gained an understanding of the various perspectives of the subject.

Types of Discursive Writing

There are three types of discursive writing. Students are advised to be thorough with all three types.

  • The “for and against” type of discursive essay will have students presenting supporting and opposing points of a particular issue. Various points of issues should be considered to back the claims of the writer and the presentation of examples and reasons are welcome.
  • The opinionated essay is another type of discursive writing. This is written presenting the opinion of the writer on his or her theory. This requires the students to supply information which supports the writer’s theory effectively. Although the opposite theory is also presented as with writing an opinion essay, students will try and persuade the reader that his or her opinion is the correct one.
  • Another form of discursive writing is the solution to a problem through thorough analysis of the subject and critical thinking.

Structuring the Essay

By now students are thorough with the writing of the five paragraph essay and your discursive essays too should be structured in the same manner. Introduce the topic under discussion and clearly state the problem in the introduction. Develop the discussion in the body of the essay. Use at least three paragraphs to illustrate your points but lengthy essays can introduce as many paragraphs as needed in to the body. Present the solution to the discussion in the conclusion of the essay.

Essential Discursive Writing Tips

This type of writing is neither formal nor informal. The style of writing and the language used should be impersonal but take a tone of discussion. Although your opinion is welcome, do not go overboard with it. No one wants to hear what you alone have to say about a subject. However, if you back it up with opinions of others, your opinion is likely to be well respected.

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