Selecting Suitable Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics are Abound on Any Subject

As part of the course curriculum students are assigned essays almost on a daily basis. These essays range from argument essays to persuasive essays. Once students understand what each essay type requires out of them, they are able to write essays properly. But one of the most common difficulties students encounter when essay writing, are coming up with good essay topics. In this article we will discuss how to select good descriptive essay topics.

What is a Descriptive Essay?
A descriptive essay is written to describe something. It can be a person, event, experience or anything the students wishes to write on. However, the subject or object selected for describing should be of some relevence to the reader and the writer. The descriptive essay is best written when all five senses are used and described vividly. This writing assignment is good practise for students as it involves creative expressions.

Essay Topics and How to Select Them
This is the most important aspect of your essay. The topic drives the entire writing and creates the entire overall impression to the reader of the essay. Therefore, it should be interesting and should form an impression. These essay topics can range from describing a sunny day to how a computer functions. The key to the selection process is to relate emotions and information into the topics. As there are a wide range of essay topics to select from, there should not be any cause for worry. However, when deciding on the topic you should narrow it down to a manageable level. And consider the compatibility of the chosen topic with the course subject you are meant to write it for.

There are different types of descriptive essay topics relating to different things. Following are few examples of suitable essay topics:

• Scenery encountered when driving by in a car.
• Holidaying in the Asian Tropics.
• Personalities such as a famous politician.
• Driving performance of a sports car.
• Your experience in a community service exercise.
• Christmas in Europe – a description of how different European countries celebrate Christmas.
• Modern techniques in interactive teaching.
• Child development and milestone achievements.

As you can see there are many topics to select from to suit different coursework writing assignments. Therefore, what is important is to select one which is interesting and relevant to the audience. Once the topic is selected, describing it to the best of your abilities with proper sensory words is the way to make your essay a successful one.

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