What is a Descriptive Essay

Mistakes Made When Writing a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay Essays of descriptive nature are challenging assignments to write. This type of essay requires much thought into the process as the essay’s success depends upon how well the subject or object is described by the student. As receiving good grades is vital to a student’s academic life, knowing what mistakes to avoid when writing a descriptive essay will be useful.

Beginning the Process

Before beginning the description essay, you need to decide what you will describe. This essay can be written about a person, place, experience, an object or a memory. Out of these five elements, selecting the one which allows you to describe it freely will enable you to write a good essay.

An essay of this nature requires students to use all five senses when describing. However, it should be appropriate to the topic selected. For example, when writing an essay on love, students will be able to use some senses to describe love, but not others. As love is a feeling, describing it visually will not achieve the desired result. However, you will be able to describe your interpretation of love by mentioning how you perceive love.

Mistakes to Avoid

Not planning what to describe is a mistake most students will make when writing their descriptive essay. Before you begin the writing process, decide on what you will describe. Generally, the choice is wide but you need to choose within the essay assignment instructions as well as the subject areas related to the course module. Once you select a subject or object, ask yourself why you wish to use this particular subject for describing. Finally, focus on what the particular qualities you wish to describe. All this information should be written down so that you will be able to refer to it when writing the essay.

When writing the essay, most students do not take have the ability to show the reader what they are describing. For example, let us take two sentences.
• I felt sad.
• My heart swelled with grief. The tears welled up in my eyes and I could not blink them away. There was a feeling as if something was lodged in my throat and I knew I would burst into tears any minute.

Which of these two sentences do you think is most effective when writing a descriptive essay? If you choose the second option, then you have got the correct idea. The second sentence does not simply inform the reader that the writer is sad. It shows the reader how sad the writer is. Depending on how the sentence is written, the reader will be able to understand the writer’s feelings.

If writing the descriptive essay is difficult, you have the option of going online and finding a collection of essays written in similar fashion. By going through these samples, you will gain an understanding of how to write the most vivid and descriptive essays.

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