Sensory Description is Vital to a Good Description Essay

Well Written Description Essays Can be Refreshing Reading Material to the Readers

We will describe a beautiful day, a book we have read, a painting we have seen etc. But when it comes to putting it down on paper most of us find it a tedious task. This is due to our lack of writing skill. Many students face difficulties when faced with writing a description essay.

Understand the Meaning

Description essays are considered difficult essays to write as it requires students to transfer their emotions in writing form adequately to the readers. If written well, this essay will provide the readers with a mental picture of the topic or the subject. The essay will be effective if you are successful in providing the reader with a good picture of what is being said. This requires the use of all five senses. For example, when describing a beautiful sunset a student who writes “the sunset is beautiful” is not making a good effort to write an effective essay. When describing the sunset the student should say “the day was made complete by the setting sun which glowed as a bright red globe against the backdrop of a sky tinted with many hues of pastel colours”. This will make the reader able to close his or her eyes and imagine what the sunset is like. This is effective description writing.

Main Elements Used

When writing a description essay how the words are placed in the content and how it is worded makes a significant difference. If you use the wrong word to describe something in the essay at the wrong place your essay will not be effective. It will not be clear to the readers about what is being described. Therefore, students are advised to use vivid language, examples and make comparisons. This will make your essay a vividly image evoking essay.

Sample Paragraph of the “Beautiful Sunset”

“Having just spent the entire day in the sun, I was feeling exhausted. I knew I should leave now as there was work to be done, yet I was held mesmerised by the setting sun. The large orange orb sinking slowly into the horizon was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. The feeling of being one with the world came to me as I sat down on my towel and stared at the sunset. The breeze that blew in from the ocean, now cooling my skin, the chattering of the birds and the people, all seemed to vanish into thin air. All my problems seemed to melt away as I watched the sun slowly descend into the horizon. The horizon was blending in to the deep dark ocean. The sky, now a pale pink with streaks of orange as bright as gold seemed to tell me that everything will be better the next day.”

You should make effort to incorporate all the five senses into the writing of description essays. The results would make your writing a refreshing piece of reading.

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